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FMI™ Guild - The Fitness MBA™ is an accredited business educational conference and association for
fitness/wellness industry professionals and entrepreneurs.

FMI™ Guild gives you the core strategies you need to know for success as an entrepreneurs in the highly competitive world of
fitness, and offers the only place on the planet for people like you to connect, grow, and advance their business.


Conference and Photography

Conference and Photography
LIMIT: 30 - ($497 USD)

Includes 2 photo shoots, 1 professional

edit (per shoot), & all selected lecture
and workshop sessions.
Looks: Activewear & Lifestyle

Conference and Photography

Conference Registration
LIMIT: 100 - ($297 USD)

Includes all selected sessions
(lectures, workshops)

A Lucrative Career As A Fitness Entrepreneur Isn't Just A Pipedream...
It's A Reality Lived By Hundreds Of Our Students Every Single Day.

For Fitness Entrepreneurs who are almost (but not quite)
satisfied with their incomes, careers, and lifestyle...

The fitness industry is tough.
It is competitive.
It can feel like an uphill battle just trying to stay afloat.
To have survived this long shows how tough of an individual you really are.

But there is a better way. An easier way.
And it starts with your mindset.

True success as a fitness entrepreneur goes beyond just trying to win competitions and
"make the cover".... it extends beyond just "getting more clients"... it's about building an empire.

True success comes from learning how to build a lifelong business of passion by doing what
you love and helping others discover the joy in fitness.

With a growing assembly of the best business professionals in the fitness industry, FMI Guild
offers multiple educational methods to provide it’s clients the best chance for multiple
employment opportunities.

NOTE: FMI Guild is not any form of talent representation (agency or personal management). Attending an FMI Guild Event will not guarantee
employment or media publishing in any form. Attendance should be considered an entrepreneurial and/or continuing education investment.
Amber Dunford - FMI Alumni,
CanFitPro Personal Training Specialist (PTS)

“FMI is a training resource unlike any other. Prior to attending my first FMI conference, I had very little direction of what
I wanted to achieve in this industry. FMI opened my eyes to a myriad of possibilities and more importantly, provided
HOW I could pursue those possibilities. What I gained from FMI was a solid foundation for moving forward and
achieving my goals, as well as a network of friends from around the globe.”

Tired of jumping from low paying shoot to low paying shoot? Are you D.O.N.E. haggling for bad clients? Let the FMI Guild show you how to
increase your income without having to work overtime.
Hyla Conrad - FMI Alumni, NESTA Certified
Personal Trainer (right)

"FMI Events are amazing. If you don't attend at least 1 in your life... as a fitness professional...
You are totally missing out!

Challenge What You Thought You Knew About
Success As A Fitness Entrepreneur

Everyone has limiting beliefs. Beliefs that hold them back from reaching their full potential.

At FMI Guild we strive to break down the "mystery" of success in the fitness industry and provide real world,
actionable strategies for making lucrative livings doing what you love.

If you thought photo shoots and low paying clients were the only way to make a living...
get ready for your world to blown wide open to incredible new possibilities.

Morgan Woolard

Miss USA

1st Runner-Up

Morgan Woolard - FMI Alumni, Miss USA 2010 (1st Runner-Up)

"I love FMI! I've been extremely impressed by the closeness of the group.

It's a family. A family fights for one another, a family has the other's back and encourages and motivates in any way possible. A family wants to see
the other succeed. That's FMI.

FMI does an amazing job at assisting its members in being strong, bold and courageous human beings. FMI practices what they preach. They
believe in being physically resilient, mentally strong and emotionally optimistic in any situation and as we all pursue our careers. FMI teaches much
of what I have learned along my journey--Things like how adversity breeds character and that to be challenged in life is inevitable, but to be defeated
is optional. FMI is an incredibly special organization and group of people. They authentically invest in you, challenge you and believed in you."

FMI Guild Alumni Call Us "Family" And We Like It That Way

(Team building with one of the breakout groups)

Nothing can replace the relationships you will develop as a member of the FMI Guild.
Not Money. Not Time. Nothing.

Competing is fun, but the FMI Guild builds your business one relationship at a time.

If you are tired of the harsh, sometimes cutthroat world of constant competitions for meager earnings... we invite you to try a better way.

The FMI way.

Network with industry professionals, mentors, fellow models and trainers, and more!

Gain insights, information, and connections as you work WITH your competition, not against them, to build YOUR brand and YOUR business.

If you thought the only way to be successful was to step on people to get to the top... think again.

Ian Lauer - FMI Alumni, NSCA-CSCS, Author.

"In the fitness industry, Clark Bartram (FMI Co-Founder) has been an incredible mentor and role model.
Much of what I do in the industry is somehow a result of what Clark and his company
FMI has taught me."

Natalie Lerma - FMI Alumni, Medical Sales

"FMI gave me the tools to set forth my dreams. The lasting relationships I've made through FMI, have
brought me many opportunities in just a year. The investment is worth it if you are willing to invest in
your career."

What's Inside the
2014 FMI Guild Fall Conference?


We here at FMI Guild are proud to be the only multi-accredited (ISSA, CanFitPro, ACE) fitness entrepreneurship training program on the planet. Period.

That means that you can earn continuing education credit for your professional certifications... by learning how to grow your business and become the fitness industry "expert" that you have always dreamed of becoming!

We are known as the Fitness MBA™ program because it's jam packed with just the tools and information that you need to take your next steps into creating your lifestyle business that's right for you! You don't have to be the next fitness cover model to be successful in the fitness industry. Most of our alumni are simply passionate about the fitness/wellness lifestyle and want to help inspire a larger audience to better health. Whether you are the next weight loss hero, mother of 5, fitness industry professional, corporate employee who inspires your colleagues to better heath, physique competitor, etc, you have discovered that you are bombarded with questions about how to live a better life and want to know how you can help better the world using 21st century tools and techniques.

We understand this hole in the market and have pulled together the industry's subject matter experts to tell you how they run their businesses, the ins and outs, the pitfalls, and best practices. Check out the Agenda tab at the top for the full 3 day curriculum.

Is The Guild Right For You?

Struggling Fitness Entrepreneur
Working Actor/Model
Fitness Industry Newbie
Group/Personal Trainer
Business Savvy Marketer

Real community. Real support. Real businesses. Real updates. And we’re just scratching the surface.


Get the ultimate in fitness entrepreneurship

training at FMI Guild