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Creating Change and Goal Achievement

Are you doing everything you can to commit to change? Are you being the best you can be? To be the best, you have to push yourself at all times. There is NEVER an acceptable excuse.  Being the best requires never being satisfied. The best will do what it takes no matter what the situation. Busy schedules, commitment issues, feeling tired or being hungry… there is no acceptable excuse!  If you want ...[Read More]

Vision Board

A few years ago I made a "vision board." That is simply a cork-board with photos of things I would like to someday own. I'm sure many of you have done the same thing, place these objects and goals in a visible place to be a steady and constant reminder of what you are striving for in life. When I posted them I also put a date of the time that I would like to have them by. I look at them daily, rea ...[Read More]

“Proactive, Persistent, and Pleasant”

Being proactive, persistent, and pleasant is what sets working fitness models apart from people who have great physiques and beautiful faces but don’t get jobs in the industry. These three words have been the keys to my success in fitness modeling and television. I’m going to show you how to put the “Three Ps” into practice to increase your odds of success. Here’s a perfect example. I got a phone ...[Read More]

Getting Lean and Muscular

Getting Lean and Muscular This seems to be a topic that most people are concerned with and desiring more information on, but it's really funny to me when they get my answer. Recently I wrote a guidebook for a company I work with that covers everything someone would need to attain a lean/muscular body. I've talked to a few people who have reviewed it and the comments all seem to be very similar, "I ...[Read More]