Fitness MBA Summit Testimonials



Fitness & Nutrition Gluten-Free Expert, video expert with Livestrong, eHow, and FOX Sports

I have always been a go-getter who goes after goals and not only catches them, but NAILS them. I decided about a year and 1/2 ago that I wanted to leave corporate america and take on the fitness world. My first step was turning to the social media sites and learning what other successful people who once had the same ambition did. Immediately FMI kept popping up. I think I may have been the FIRST person to register for last Octobers workshop! What FMI did for me was give me a forum to network with other fitness personalities, top photographers, etc. I can't say that it was one lecture, one segment or one person who helped me via FMI but the connections and networking that ignited the brainstorming within my own head to make things happen... I am thankful to FMI for giving me a forum to fine tune my goals.


andia_winslow Yale alumna, LPGA professional, host of the Fit Cycle, Agency model (Wilhelmina, Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited), professional host.

FMI has proven to be a comprehensive outlet, learning platform and networking engine for individuals seeking to transition from their roles as athletic or beauty “talent(s)” into fitness and entertainment industry professionals. What this means, specifically, is that practical application trumps perceived expertise, every time. It is not enough to have the “build” or to look the “part.” What Gary Augustine Warren and Clark Bartram have created is a formal yet familial educational space --both in conference settings and online-- that is built upon tenets of collaboration and diversification. It is simultaneously career changing and career fulfilling and I'm so proud to be a part of the FMI family!



natalie_eva WWE Diva, Star of two nationally televised shows E! Total Divas and WWE Raw.

FMI truly has changed my LIFE and I 100% believe that. Before I competed in September I had know idea even what FMI was or what it entailed nothing. As one of my prizes I was blessed to be able to attend one of their conferences and trust me talk about a whirlwind of information LOL. I learned so much from not only the speakers but the others that attended as well.

FMI has taken what I thought I wanted and basically magnified it times 10. I learned how to BRAND myself as a business. Since September and attending one of the conferences in October, I signed with an agency, booked 2 fitness campaign’s, a sketchers commercial and have appeared on 3 magazine covers with another coming out as well as my eBook and website.

I truly believe that none of that could have been possible without the knowledge I learned from FMI. I learned to not only to set goals for myself but to execute them only through the knowledge provided by branding, marketing, and promoting. FMI is a business source but also a family I have never been amongst a team of alums that not only are true to their word but are so helpful if you need any information or knowledge, this team that I am so grateful to even be a part of truly wants each one of their attendees to sore and succeed, to me that right there is the best feeling in the world. I will forever be grateful to FMI.


frank_jones Agency Sports and Fitness Model.

FMI "Is The one-stop shop" for all of your questions to become a brand or a working fitness model and talent. Not only are you gaining knowledge about the industry, you are right in the mix of the industry bumping elbows with top talents, photographers, magazines, editors and more. The networking is the best around hands down. I've made some of my best life-long friends through FMI.

When I first learned of FMI, I made plans to attend the 2009 Fall conference. Somehow I had a mix up in my dates and missed the conference. I watch how careers of some of the attendees blossomed in short time after attending and that's when I signed up for 2010. I have never made a better investment in my career.

I am very glad I chose FMI early in my career because I learned many things about the industry and more that not many people get to learn. This information and more comes from people who are doing and have done it (first-hand).


robyn_ba Personal Training Specialist (PTS), CanFitPro , Certified Spinning® Instructor.

FMI is a business resource and family combined. At my first conference I learned how to properly set goals, monetize my fitness passion and brand myself. I’m a proud graduate of FMI 2010, FMI 2011 and Canada FMI June 2012. At each conference I’ve learned something different and new. I was able to get great photos that I utilize as part of my personal marketing portfolio. However, I learned more about how to know that I’m worth more than what the industry equates fitness models too and I’m learning how to adapt and evolve as my skills and knowledge grow. The network of business people, models, photographers and talents is something that inspires me daily and provides a support system you can bounce ideas off of and share tips and tricks with and collaborate on projects with.



jill_coleman MS Health Nutrition, Owner of The Metabolic Effect – company that produced the same name New York Times bestselling book, Metabolic Effect.

As both an FMI alum (2010) and FMI presented (2012), I can speak from both perspectives. FMI is creating an amazing product for a demand that is strong, but also needs guidance. The professional support, insight and education they offer cannot be found anywhere else. They bring in the biggest names in the Fitness Modeling industry to display all angles and help fitness models take control of their careers to see that the sky’s the limit. FMI is a company about creating possibilities for individuals—I dig that!



kristia_knowles Professional Photographer, MS, Physical Therapy.

I wish FMI had been around when I started in the fitness industry. To get valuable information to help you get ahead in the entertainment business under 1 roof is priceless! I would recommend it to anyone desiring to have a career in the fitness industry!






morgan Miss USA 2010 Runner Up

I love FMI! I've been extremely impressed by the closeness of the group. It's a family. A family fights for one another, a family has the other's back and encourages and motivates in any way possible. A family wants to see the other succeed. That's FMI. FMI does an amazing job at assisting its members in being strong, bold and courageous human beings. FMI practices what they preach. They believe in being physically resilient, mentally strong and emotionally optimistic in any situation and as we all pursue our careers. FMI teaches much of what I have learned along my journey--Things like how adversity breeds character and that to be challenged in life is inevitable, but to be defeated is optional. FMI is an incredibly special organization and group of people. They authentically invest in you, challenge you and believed in you.


natalie_lerma Medical Sales.

FMI gave me the tools to set forth my dreams. The lasting relationships I've made through FMI, have brought me many opportunities in just a year. The investment is worth it if you are willing to invest in your career.






amber_dunford Personal Training Specialist (PTS), CanFitPro.

FMI is a training resource unlike any other. Prior to attending my first FMI conference, I had very little direction of what I wanted to achieve in this industry. FMI opened my eyes to a myriad of possibilities and more importantly, provided HOW I could pursue those possibilities. What I gained from FMI was a solid foundation for moving forward and achieving my goals, as well as a network of friends from around the globe.




chady_dunmore 2x world bikini champion, Fitness covermodel, Spokesmodel for MusclePharm and FitMiss supplements, agency model (Wilhelmina).

I feel FMI fueled the fire in me 2 years ago...

It gave me the knowledge I needed to get my foot in the door and follow through with using the titles and platforms I have created by competing.

My relationship with the creators of FMI has been constant because they have mentored me through and out the last few years. I feel blessed and grateful I was able to attend FMI when I did and not waste time searching for my big break or not knowing where to go next or what to do. I am in full control of my success....:-).


lauren_mcbride Personal trainer, life coach and holistic nutrition specialist.

I've had the blessing of being involved with FMI since the beginning. The knowledge, wisdom, and insider information you get from the FMI events are unlike anything else out there and it has led me to a very fruitful career. It is the way to launch your fitness dreams into a reality. I'm now excited to be an ambassador of FMI! They are ever-evolving and there’s always more to learn!




loni_willison Holistic Nutrition Advocate.

I've gone to two FMI events and each one I've learned new information. They teach you the ins and outs of turning yourself into a successful business. The knowledge and encouragement I've gained from FMI is priceless and has really helped me focus on what I want.





jaime-michelle ISSA Certified Trainer, Middle School Counselor.

Fitness Friends!!! If you are spinning your wheels competing, doing photoshoots, trying to get "noticed" or want to make a mark in the fitness industry, you MUST attend the FMI Guild Conference this Fall. If Fitness is truly your passion and your looking to make a living at it, you need to have the tools and the skills todo so.

FMI changed my whole outlook when I attended 3 years ago, and I have attended every year since. Do not miss this opportunity!!



stephanie NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

For anyone who is interested in building a successful business in the fitness industry, I highly recommend you attend the Fall Conference in October. The FMI Alumni consists of some of the top fitness personalities in the industry. This conference teaches you every aspect from business development, branding, copyright laws, social media, photoshoot and magazine submission, and so much more. The alumni alone speaks volumes.




Jenna Krahn Fitness Trainer

I had an amazing time at FMI and would definitely go again! I highly recommend it to all of my fitness friends who are trying to break into the industry. I loved a lot of things about FMI but what I loved the most is that you’re given practical business information and tools. It is also accredited through ISSA, which is really cool. I’ve gone to a few fitness model camps and although I learned a lot about the camera and posing, there wasn’t too much specific information about what it really takes to start a business in the fitness industry. You learn more than just social media tips and how to smile at FMI. It’s a very well rounded course and you get to work with some awesome photographers and network with some big names in the industry, as well as hear their personal stories to success. I also realized that you don’t have to be a certain “look” to be successful. If you want to be on an Oxygen Cover, yeah you’re going to have to have that “Oxygen” look, but being an entrepreneur and creating your own brand based on who you are and the special gifts you have to offer far outweigh a magazine cover. I learned magazine covers don’t pay the bills. Building your own business does! If a magazine cover happens, that’s great! But it shouldn’t make your entire existence. I could go on and on about all the cool things at FMI but if you want to know more, you just have to go to an event! It is so worth the trip.


krisztina negyesi Athlete ,Quest Nutrition Ambassador

I had an amazing time at the FMI Conference and I can’t wait for the next event in 2014. If you are passionate about fitness, it is the best conference you can attend. Guest speakers are there to inspire and guide you on your journey. I traveled all the way from the East coast to Long Beach, CA hoping to find some new opportunities. I got more than I wanted… If I would have to choose 3 factors it would be friendships, networking and knowledge.




HYLA CONRAD NESTA Certified Personal Trainer, Physique Competitor

FMI Events are amazing. If you don't attend at least 1 in your life... as a fitness professional... You are totally missing out!






rachel-elizabeth-murray CEO, CPT/CSN, On-Camera Fitness Personality, Wilhelmina Fitness Model-Actress

I wouldn't be where I am today without the knowledge and support I received from FMI. To be honest, I may have signed with a couple agencies on my own, and even booked a couple more jobs, but there's no way I would have known how to build and market my name and personality as a brand and a commodity of value.

FMI taught me to not only dream bigger, but to actually take the steps toward my goals. Before FMI, I didn't know what the next steps were. Now I have a road map, a support team and a fitness industry family.

If you're looking for a hand up, not just more random info, look no further. FMI will show you the way and light the fire under you that you need to make it happen.


Derek Trudeau California's Top Fitness Professional, International Cover Model/Writer

I attended FMI because I saw it as an opportunity to learn. Life goes by so fast that if I have an opportunity I have to take advantage. FMI has people in the organization that are pillars in the fitness community and knew that’s who I wanted to learn from.






Justin Peyret Owner, Swat Elite Fitness

I just wanted to give a quick thanks for putting this conference on every year. Last year was my first year, and I absolutely loved the connections, motivation, and education I walked away with. I left the conference and started my pre-made healthy food business and online supplement store. I'm almost there to having my own supplement shop too. All I can say is the tools I gained from FMI has helped me professionally in everything I do. I can't say thank you enough for all your hard work to make this conference happen every year. I'm so excited to catch up with everyone and learn even more.



Katherine-Elspeth ISSA Personal Trainer, National NPC Competitor, Athlete

FMI was one of my first introductions to the Fitness Industry and how I could actually make it a career. I met so many amazing people that have become both friends and mentors. I also learned valuable information on business and how to brand & conduct myself as a professional- information that has greatly helped me.





ana-miranda NPC Bikini Athlete, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Thanks Natalie for putting this amazing event together, filled with so much substantial and absolutely indispensable information to anyone considering to take their fitness career to a higher level. All the speakers so far have been outstanding






camy-kennedy Nutrition & Fitness Coach

This weekend at FMI Guild was inspiring, motivating and gave me the kick in the *ss I needed to DO what I said I'm going to do. If you know there is something more out there for you, then you need to keep investing in yourself and surrounding yourself with the right people. Thank you Natalie Minh and Gary Augustine Warren for putting on the greatest business education conference for fitness professionals in Newport Beach this year! Every year there are new speakers and more info to help us grow. Thank you for being awesome!! See you next year!



Rachel-Schwartz Nutritionist, Athlete

FMI Conference is sadly over! Such an amazing experience! I learned so much and had the opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones. Until next year!!! Big thank you to Natalie Minh and gary Augustine Warren for putting this POWERHOUSE conference together! Learning from the best





kylie-burnside Fitness Writer, Trainer, Entrepreneur

Despite each session lead coming from completely different backgrounds and having unique stories, the same “blueprint to success” was repeated time and time again during our three days together: work hard + never give up.

Having the opportunity to hear candidly from industry leaders was truly motivating and deeply inspired me to become someone who could speak at the front of that room one day.




Shana-Leigh Personal Trainer

Met some super inspiring people at FMI Guild this year! Already started implementing some of the tools they have given me at this conference. Anyone considering attending next year GO FOR IT! I'm so grateful for the value that's provided here. It's been life changing!






Jodi-Frazier NASM CPT & Nutrition, Personal Trainer

It was such a great weekend! Learned so much about being a successful entrepreneur in the fitness industry. I have pages and pages of notes, a camera full of pictures, and a mind full of ideas right now... There is nothing like spending several days with a room full of like-minded people, who have genuine intentions of helping others... Something big is coming in my future and I cannot wait!




Frances-Caro Trainer, Athlete

Motivation at it's finest at the amazing & inspiring FMI 2014 Fitness Summit ! Iif there's 1 thing I learned this past weekend it's to always follow YOUR PASSION






whitney twede Writer, Fitness Coach, Entrepreneur

Had such an amazing weekend of listening to fitness entrepreneurs share their stories about their lives. Took so much away from this conference. A little sad to go home.... But I also don't think my brain can handle anymore info right now! Time to go apply some of it!






Erica-Clanton-Bruenton NPC Bikini Competitor, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor

Mind blown! Excellent lessons in building your brand and online presence from @nataliejill. I'm definitely looking forward to learning more from this powerhouse!!






Ryan-Benavente Phase1 Performance Trainer, Vision Victory Brand Ambassador

Great day at the FMI Guild Conference learning from the West Coast Alpha Male Mike Rashid. Loved his take on using the gym as the platform to tap into your will power. Inner strength provides the mental ability to overcome life challenges.






Laurie-Maranian Health & Fitness Personality

We had another awesome day at the #fmi2014 conference, including meeting and hearing from two great business minds in the industry, Sohee Lee and Michael Waters! It was an honor and a privilege and we are fired up more than ever to go after our dreams!





Brittany Herlean WBFF FitnessPro, FMI Guild Alumni

I love this image taken by Brett Seeley and I enjoy attending the fitness business conference last fall. It was a conference filled with fitness professionals and experts that taught about the business of fitness- blogs, online training, YouTube channels, eBooks & so much more PLUS there were sessions with photographers to help build a professional fitness portfolio. If you're in the fitness industry and want to learn how to make a business out of your interest check out FMI Guild.





Christina-Ruvalcaba Lifestyle Coach, Nutritionist

Learning and growing will be a constant goal of mine, attending this event was such an eye opener and I recommend anyone in the fitness industry to attend.






Karenia Bowman Healthy and Fitness PRO, Yoga Instructor

It was an amazing experience! I'm so thankful to @fmiguild for putting on these events. The wealth of information and inspiration we left with is priceless. Any fitness professional can and will greatly benefit from the membership and attendance of these events! The 2014 conference changed my life! Thank you FMI Guild





Paul Hovan Jr. FOUNDER - Hov Hustle Fitness, Licensed SN, PT, SCS

They say that if you're the smartest one within your group, then you need to get a new group! I'm excited to attend my first ever FMI Guild summit this coming October, collaborating and learning from some of the brightest fitness entrepreneurs and master minds behind the business of online branding and how to achieve success doing what you love. It's very important to find out what you love to do and then go find people who are already mastering that and learn from them. Let them teach you how to get there. Surround yourself with those people who you would like to emulate. Here's a tip for you... If you continue to hang around 9 losers all the time, I guarantee that within time, you'll become number 10.