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For Fitness Entrepreneurs who are almost (but not quite) satisfied with their incomes, careers, and lifestyle...

  • The fitness industry is tough.
  • It is competitive.
  • It can feel like an uphill battle just trying to stay afloat.
  • To have survived this long shows how tough of an individual you really are.

But there is a better way. An easier way.

Starts with your mindset.

True success as a fitness entrepreneur goes beyond just trying to win competitions and "make the cover".... it extends beyond just "getting more clients"...

It's about building an empire.

True success comes from learning how to build a lifelong business of passion by doing what you love and helping others discover the joy in fitness.

A Lucrative Career As A Fitness Entrepreneur Isn't Just A Pipedream... It's A Reality Lived By Hundreds Of Our Students Every Single Day.

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What FMI Guild Alumni Are Saying

Brittany HerleanBrittany HerleanWBFF FitnessPro
I enjoy attending the fitness business conference last fall. It was a conference filled with fitness professionals and experts that taught about the business of fitness- blogs, online training, YouTube channels, eBooks & so much more PLUS there were sessions with photographers to help build a professional fitness portfolio. If you're in the fitness industry and want to learn how to make a business out of your interest check out FMI Guild.
Michael WatersMichael WatersOwner, Phase 1 Sports Las Vegas
Definitely having a great day. End of the first day of the event and I am already learning so much and the brain is already over worked so definitely looking forward to the next two days.
Kylie BurnsideKylie BurnsideOnline Personal Trainer, Fitness Writer, Entrepreneur
Despite each session lead coming from completely different backgrounds and having unique stories, the same “blueprint to success” was repeated time and time again during our three days together: work hard + never give up. Having the opportunity to hear candidly from industry leaders was truly motivating and deeply inspired me to become someone who could speak at the front of that room one day.
Jodi FrazierJodi FrazierNASM CPT & Nutrition, Personal Trainer
It was such a great weekend! Learned so much about being a successful entrepreneur in the fitness industry. I have pages and pages of notes, a camera full of pictures, and a mind full of ideas right now... There is nothing like spending several days with a room full of like-minded people, who have genuine intentions of helping others... Something big is coming in my future and I cannot wait!
Shana LeighShana LeighPersonal Trainer
Met some super inspiring people at FMI Guild this year! Already started implementing some of the tools they have given me at this conference. Anyone considering attending next year GO FOR IT! I'm so grateful for the value that's provided here. It's been life changing!
Rachel SchwartzRachel SchwartzNutritionist, Athlete
FMI Conference is sadly over! Such an amazing experience! I learned so much and had the opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones. Until next year!!! Big thank you to Natalie Minh and gary Augustine Warren for putting this POWERHOUSE conference together! Learning from the best
Camy KennedyCamy KennedyNutrition & Fitness Coach
This weekend at FMI Guild was inspiring, motivating and gave me the kick in the *ss I needed to DO what I said I'm going to do. If you know there is something more out there for you, then you need to keep investing in yourself and surrounding yourself with the right people. Thank you Natalie Minh and Gary Augustine Warren for putting on the greatest business education conference for fitness professionals in Newport Beach this year! Every year there are new speakers and more info to help us grow. Thank you for being awesome!! See you next year!
Ana MirandaAna MirandaNPC Bikini Athlete, NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Thanks Natalie for putting this amazing event together, filled with so much substantial and absolutely indispensable information to anyone considering to take their fitness career to a higher level. All the speakers so far have been outstanding.
Kristia KnowlesKristia KnowlesProfessional Photographer, MS, Physical Therapy
I wish FMI had been around when I started in the fitness industry. To get valuable information to help you get ahead in the entertainment business under 1 roof is priceless! I would recommend it to anyone desiring to have a career in the fitness industry!
Frank Jones JrFrank Jones JrAgency Sports and Fitness Model
FMI "Is The one-stop shop" for all of your questions to become a brand or a working fitness model and talent. Not only are you gaining knowledge about the industry, you are right in the mix of the industry bumping elbows with top talents, photographers, magazines, editors and more. The networking is the best around hands down. I've made some of my best life-long friends through FMI.When I first learned of FMI, I made plans to attend the 2009 Fall conference. Somehow I had a mix up in my dates and missed the conference. I watch how careers of some of the attendees blossomed in short time after attending and that's when I signed up for 2010. I have never made a better investment in my career.I am very glad I chose FMI early in my career because I learned many things about the industry and more that not many people get to learn. This information and more comes from people who are doing and have done it (first-hand).

What's Inside The Fitness MBA At The FMIGuild?

We here at the FMIGuild are proud to be the only multi-accredited fitness entrepreneurship training program on the planet. Period. That means that you can earn continuing education credit for your professional certifications... by learning how to grow your business and become the fitness industry "expert" that you have always dreamed of becoming! And our Fitness MBA program is jam packed with just the tools and information that you need to take your next steps into creating your lifestyle business that's right for you!

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