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I am still getting the hang of doing the financial analysis, putting everything  on the spreadsheet is a pain.

SWOT Analysis


Able to build rapport quickly with clients

Low overhead since most services is done online

Making programs fun and effective to keep clients wanting more

Understand human behavior

Able to help clients develop new habits within a short amount of time

Saturated in the military community

Great mentorship in business and neuroscience field


My company has little market presence or reputation

Our cash flow will be unreliable in the early stages

Not having enough knowledge in marketing

Not enough exposure in social media

Having a set location to make online videos


Programs are developed to help people changes their approach living a healthy life

Having a DOD contract to train exclusively SOF

Learn from other peoples perspective to business

Learning how to make Apps



My app idea could  used by other companies. There are too many gyms and online training that exist and proving people that using nueroscience can help improve lifestyle

If i miss anything else please let me know. This video made a lot sense and taught me some things that i wasn't aware of, such as the marketing resources