How to zip files on Mac

Like it charges interest when taxpayers don’t pay on time, the IRS also pays interest to taxpayers when the government issues refunds too slowly. The decision stems from a quirk in the tax code and in the way the filing deadline was extended, according toThe Wall Street Journal. When you request an extension, the form requires an estimate of your tax liability.

  • However, if you are trying to move tons of files from one drive to another, accepting the warning for all the files CUR file ext can become annoying.
  • So I always get an extension, it doesn’t mean I have to use it.
  • Zip files are archives containing multiple files in a compressed format.
  • To get the refund, you have to file a 2018 tax return with the IRS.

In order to keep your computer and safe, do not open files from an unknown source. Seventh, another important advantage of WinZip is security and privacy. All of WinZip’s compression products are equipped with AES encryption, providing excellent protection for the files and folders.

Changing file extensions is usually unnecessary because files typically already have the appropriate extension. When you double-click a file that has the right extension, it will open with the correct program.

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These programs are designed to cause damage and/or steal your personal information. If you double-click a file with a potentially unsafe file type, such as .EXE, WinZip will display a dialog warning you about the potentially unsafe file type. You can then decide whether you really want to open it.


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This glitch is caused by associating HTA files with Notepad++ for editing. I installed this Windows 11 instance from a non-retail ISO today, so this computer is fresh and there are no GPOs or anything like Active Directory installed on it. The issue persists even when Windows SmartScreen and Reputation Based Protection are disabled. Share a link to this question via email, Twitter, or Facebook. @Godinall As I said following a link in a browser without opening it in a new window, won't trigger any warning.

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