From Bodybuilding to BUSINESS-BUILDING: A Crash-Course for Physique Entrepreneurs

Year after year, so many people aspire to make a business career in the fitness/bodybuilding industry, yet, so few of them ever succeed, despite their hard work, great ideas, and best intentions. This unnecessary trend needs to end. And this workshop is designed to help do just that. This intense yet engaging workshop will guide you through 3 major areas: sound business planning, personal branding, and the challenges and opportunities of 21st century entrepreneurship.

After the workshop, you will:

  • Be able to avoid the business-killing mistakes often made by fitness models/bodybuilders
  • Know how to use an unique planning tool to map out a new business or improve/expand an existing one
  • Know how to calculate the financial strength of your business
  • Understand the 4 essential components of successful personal branding
  • Be able to effectively respond to some of the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship in the 21st Century

Regardless if you are considering an in-person or online business, or a for-profit or non-profit enterprise, you will benefit from this workshop experience. Be sure to bring a pen, a mug of coffee, and a willingness to get to work. 1.5 ISSA CEU

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