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What are my goals?

I would like to come up with a name for my business (I am currently thinking Kate Stewart Fitness), and design a logo within the next two weeks.

The focus for my business will be on women who are stuck in a plateau or don’t know where to begin with weight loss. I have a lot of people come up to me and say, “I want to lose weight I just don’t know what to eat” or “I don’t even know where to start.” I don’t want to coach contest prep clients, or people who are already fit and eat healthy. I want to help people who are eating all the wrong things but don’t even know it. I want to help people who do one hour of cardio and no resistance training and wonder why they aren’t making progress. I want to help people make a complete lifestyle change, and enjoy the process so that it’s sustainable.

· Pick domain name + register it

· Register business name with the Province of Nova Scotia

· Start building website (Blog, individual programs, e-books, maybe monthly membership site)

· Begin working on content (I can start a blog site before I have my main site up and running)

What do I hope to get out of the mentorship?


· I want to have the knowledge and confidence to run my business

· I want to know when to do something myself, and when to outsource (and resources for outsourcing)

· Enhance my interpersonal skills (networking, connecting)

What made me want to do this?

Originally, I wasn’t going to enroll in the mentorship program. I don’t have a business up and running yet, so I wasn’t sure if it would benefit me at all. Then I saw the Isagenix side, and thought I DEFINITELY don’t want to do it! I’ve never been much of a salesperson and I never saw myself as someone involved with network marketing. I kept thinking about it and realized I wasn’t actually getting any closer to getting a business up and running, so I thought to myself “If not now, when?”

After speaking with Gary and Carol Elizabeth on the phone, and reading a couple of network marketing books, I decided to take advantage of this opportunity. There are some business mentorship programs in Halifax, but they wouldn’t be tailored towards a fitness business.

What’s a realistic goal for 16-weeks?

· Have my website started

· Be ready to take on fitness/nutrition clients (pair nutrition programs with Isagenix)

· Reach Consultant level and have 5-10 new Isagenix enrollments