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Hi team. Here are my answers.

What are my goals?

  • Create 3 new products: recipe book, Momentum training program, and a Guide to Balanced eating
  • Get a pop-up email sign up for and, integrate with mail chimp or aweber
  • Give a fremium for each email sign up at both sites (Decide if I need to switch to Aweber to do this)
  • Red0 book cover for “Create.Believe.Conquer.” (remarket and re-launch book with a webinar series)
  • Work with Nat to get functional and clear “call to action”
  • Build that email list! Send out monthly 0r bi-weekly emails
  • Blog every Sunday night (post Monday AM)
  • Get a on a blog scheduled for FitFaith — edit site to be more functional
  • Get a photoshoot for Fit.Faith

Where can I take immediate action?

  • write my blog right now
  • write more blogs in advance while I am traveling this week
  • Find a photographer in Atlanta, GA
  • Fill out the web design forms and submit to Nat
  • Email Nat to redo my book cover
  • Reach out to JillFit about aweber vs mailchimp

What resources do I have?

  • Coaching call with JillFit on Feb. 17
  • someone who knows wordpress who can help me
  • Fivver for logos, videos, editing, etc
  • for blog images
  • modelmayhem for photographer in GA

What else do I need to learn?

  • anything financial, taxes, spreadsheets, etc
  • business plan — actually take the time to write it out
  • marketing my webinars
  • marketing my ebooks
  • setting up affiliates for my products
  • how to be organized
  • how to grow isagenix, my online business, and have a “job” that will pay my bills

Who do I need on my team?

  • web design
  • marketing
  • affiliates
  • bloggers for guest posts on Fit.Faith
  • business minded person to help with plan, money, etc