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It’s been a goal of mine to run my own business, but I just never knew what I wanted to do until I got into fitness. As my interest grew, so did my dreams.

I remember being at a state fair and a “fortune teller” told me that by the time I was 40, I’d be a business owner. I was 22 at the time, and a single mom so I didn’t give it much thought. I had struggled for most of my life with confidence, and like I said, I was just trying to make ends meet; I was in no position to pursue a business of my own. That is until fitness became a huge part of my life. I have so many ideas and sometimes my brain moves faster than I can, so I get extremely anxious and overwhelmed. This usually results in me just pushing everything aside so I don’t have to think about it.

After attending the FMI conference, I was bursting with so much energy and I felt a new-found confidence that I wanted to just hold on to and not let go. However, once I got back home, all the confidence and excitement I had in was left in California as soon as the plane started to ascend.

And there I was…I was flown right back into reality. How was I going to make what I had learned a reality? I had a daughter who was going to be graduating this year and the expense of college was now at the forefront of my mind once again. Plus, I couldn’t escape the draining or should I say drowning feeling that consumed me as soon as I thought about going back to the personal training job that I had here. I loved working with the people, I just felt so disconnected because I had no say. I had dreamed about helping people, getting inside their minds and changing lives, but I all I felt was stuck and held back from something much larger than was at the gym. It felt so out of reach and I just couldn’t ignore that. Then came the announcement of the mentor-ship, and I knew that if I could enroll that I would be able to grab onto that feeling I had in California all over again and this time it would provide me with the feedback and deadlines that even if I felt overwhelmed that I couldn’t push it aside. I would have no choice but to pursue it and learn how to deal with it, outline my ideas, maybe even to learn how to get all my ideas out so that they would make sense. I also hope that I can learn to how to gain people’s trust so that people could take me more seriously, marketing avenues other than the cliché’ half naked selfie, and confidence that will continue. (I swear everytime I get to the social media end of things, I can honestly say I identify with all of the things mentioned in the mindset webinar.) And the bonus, learn more about Isagenix so that I could garner some revenue to address my financial freedom and be able to just rely on my ideas, confidence, knowledge without the interference of lack of money getting in the way. But I realize that this is all going to take a lot longer than 16 weeks.

In short:

Learn how to put my ideas to work rather than push them aside

Build confidence

Creating a clear vision of who I am, what I represent (I tend to do that comparison thing and then lose myself in the process)

Recreating my blog with a name that embodies who I am.(currently

Creating an extension of my blog with a website that is more user friendly instead of continuously pouring money into someone else’s theme.

Actually start working towards opening up myself to helping people/taking on clients without fear but with confidence and knowledge (I can achieve this with deadlines, assignments rather than just trying to do it on my own because that hasn’t ever worked…so far anyway)

Learn how to write an actual business plan and DO IT

Enroll at least 2 or 3 people in Isagenix.