Reply To: Week 5 Assignment


Week 5 Questions:

Critical Thinking – After viewing the video, please answer the following for your week 5 assignment,

Identify what your weakest areas in the subject of power networking is. What do you wish you could improve?

**I think I am fairly good at networking since I have been doing it for my job for the past 2 years and just recently since joining some networking groups locally. But I think I could improve by staying in touch with old contacts to keep the network fresh and stay top of mind. Losing their contact information can be another problem.

Based on the presentation, what action items will you do to improve your networking skills?

**Get into a weekly/monthly networking group to meet new people. Strengthen my current network by making sure that I follow up and schedule one-on-ones with potential partners. Be sure not to overlook anyone, as they might have something that could benefit my business. Even if we are not the best of friends, being cordial to everyone and kind.

Where are you stuck?

**Finding people on social media is sometimes challenging, as I don't really engage on twitter and my FB page is random people that I don't know. I could be better at connecting to people on each of these.

In the ideal world, who would you want in your network to put you where you want to be?

**I would want someone who could help me with on camera and getting onto a network for promoting my projects or being the local women's fitness and nutrition expert. I would also want someone who could assist in getting publications in magazines, as a writer or having an interview done about my products and services.