Billions In Our Brains: How to Bring Them Out


Katrina Julia will demonstrate bringing the billions in our brains out through facing fears, pursuing passion and purpose, and value creation to strategy, momentum, and execution via a road map. We are all given a unique set of things we love, gifts, talents, abilities, challenges we’ve overcome, and ways we may impact that create value that is infinite and limitless.

The struggle lies in our fears that flow through to our finances. These include, but are not limited to, fear, reactions, scarcity, judgment, worth, distrust,instant gratification, and recognition.

This workshop will be broken up into key areas in the search to ͞bring out billions͟ to provide insight into purpose, value, and leverage into a case study > $1 billion. It will include clear demonstrations, activities, and an interactive workshop format to tie in opportunities to the case study and relate them to each individual, and the group. The increase of the digital world with social media, blogging, video and more provides an opportunity to fuse strategy, and structure and systems to expand exponentially.

As a result, with the distractions of the daily digital world, it is important to create space, clear execution, and magnify momentum with a road map to success. This interactive session will give you vision to the billions in your brain and bringing them out.


  • Identify and improve your financial story
  • Create passion and purpose with profits
  • Create space and clarity in all areas of your life
  • Demonstrate the increase in money in multiple areas
  • Implement exponential thinking and use leverage
  • Magnify momentum with tools to implement your plan

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