FMIGuild Mentorship Program

After reviewing the 2014 Fitness MBA Summit written and spoken feedback, there was a strong desire from the attendees for a mentorship program as the 3 day content was too much to consume at one time. In order for the Mentors to most effectively utilize their time, it has been agreed that the only way that they would participate in such a high demand project is if we use Isagenix as the monetization vehicle.
The reasons are as follows
  • Isagenix is a residual income opportunity* which reduces the capital funding stress that every new entrepreneur encounters as they start and grow their business.
  • The Isagenix products are extremely high quality, no inventory, and can compliment anyone’s fitness lifestyle business.
  • The Isagenix network model can be an effective quasi-currency tool, bringing together people who want to work with each other in the first place. An analogy would be people paying to be a part of a mastermind with cash, but replace cash with Isagenix and the bilateral benefit actually becomes stronger
  • “Skin In the Game” Aspect – this investment is a most inexpensive way to get your business started (see Top 100 Low Cost Franchises startup costs).
  • This business is emotional and consumable, complementary to all health related entrepreneurial efforts. It is also a tax deduction that you EAT (literally).
Here’s the deal. If you want access to the Top 5%ers Coaching Program (FMI Guild Mentorship), we are only opening this program up to those who invest in the Business Builder’s Pak (~$1200) and remain on 100BV Auto-Ship for the length of the mentorship (avg $200/month).

The total investment will be ~$3200 during this 8 month program.

If for any reason you dislike Isagenix and want out of the Mentorship program, you can return your entire Isagenix purchase within the first 30 days. No risk. If there are returns or the Autoship is cut off, then you are out of the program as the Mentorship is a bonus to the Isagenix investment.


Interested parties cannot be a team member for other network marketing groups or companies within the health, fitness, and wellness industries. We will invest in you to build your business AND teach you how to generate residual income to fund your passion.


Listen to the Top 5%ers Mentorship Alumni



About the Top 5%ers Coaching Program (FMI Guild Mentorship)

Many people love the idea of owning their own business. It can be quite the challenge to both begin and grow it. If it were easy, everyone would do it. It can be both daunting and draining. If one has little to no experience with budgeting, marketing research, marketing and sales strategy, analytics, product/service fulfillment protocols, accounting, etc. it can become frustrating and overwhelming very quickly. Without guidance of some kind, you are most likely to quit.

According to Forbes Magazine, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs will fail within the first 18 months[1]. Reasons cited for this are the following:

The entrepreneurs were not able to,

  • Get in touch with their customer (monologue instead of dialogued with them).
  • Demonstrate their unique value (did not differentiate themselves from competition).
  • Communicate their value in a clear, concise, and compelling fashion.
  • Demonstrate Strong Leadership (poor professional conduct/behavior).
  • Create a Profitable Business Model with Proven Revenue Streams.

The FMI® Guild, a continuing education provider, was established in 2009 to develop entrepreneurs focused on fitness lifestyles. As the Guild has grown, it has been able to assemble a coaching team dedicated to a 8-month intensive online agenda that cannot be covered in 1 to 3 day traditional live format.

Top 5%ers Coaching Program (FMI Guild Mentorship)
FMI Guild Coaches


CEO Natalie Minh and others have teamed together to assemble a virtual program to further develop and grow your business.


FMI Guild Partners and Staff are going to pull back the curtains and show you how they do things in their business.
We are going to share our own ‘lessons learned’ so that you don’t make many of the same expensive and time consuming mistakes they did along the way. Looking back, there is easily $50,000+ we ‘wish we had back’ IF we only knew then, what we know today.
We will show you how to AVOID the expensive mistakes we made, minimize the frustration, get you focused on what is important, and on the ‘quickest path to revenue’!


Topics that will be covered during the 16-Week mentorship include:
  • Mindset and Motivation for Success, Optimize Schedule Like A Boss
  • Incorporation – Setting up your business legal structure for optimized operation
  • Social Engineering: The Art of Power Networking & Connections
  • Business Plan
  • Defining Your Brand & Customer
  • Build an Email List & Lead Capture Techniques
  • How to Develop an E-Book
  • Membership Sites – Did you know the best way to make passive income online is to offer a membership site?
  • Establishing Your Copyrights/Trademarks
  • Website & Marketing Collateral Development
  • Business Systems: Accounting, Email Marketing Software, Google Analytics
  • Financial Statements: How to Analyze Your Financial Dashboard
  • Outsourcing Resources
  • Utilizing Social Media to Run Traffic
  • Creating Your Sales Funnel
  • The Art of Sales: Communicating Value, Closing the Deal
Each Week Provides:
  • Bi-Weekly Live Chats
  • Mandatory business building assignments, aka, homework (pre & post webinar)
  • Private forum access for mentorship


As part of enrollment, you automatically receive FREE access to these learning tools. (A value of $1244)

  • One year of FMI Guild All Access Pass: value $247/year. All conferences and webinars recorded are in this library.



*Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual Associate’s business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity and demographic factors. For average earnings, see the Isagenix Independent Associate Earnings Statement found at