Reply To: Week 4 Assignment


What is your WHY?

1. What excites you most?

What excites me most is the thought of being self-sufficient. I love the thought of working from home and being my own boss. If my husband goes away for a month on a work trip, I could pack my bags and go somewhere warm for a couple of weeks and work from there. I was studying to write the LSAT’s this year because I wanted a job where I would have money to be able to do the things I enjoy. What I failed to realize was that as a lawyer, I might have plenty of money, but I would NOT have much time. My father is a partner at a big law firm in town, and he was telling me the house they expect their junior lawyers to work. It was nuts. I realized it wasn’t really what “I” wanted to do, but maybe what I thought others wanted me to do.  Around this time, the ads kept popping up for the FMI conference and I decided “ok, I’m going to go!” I absolutely HATE flying, but I flew for 8 hours to the other side of the continent, by myself, not knowing anyone. After the first day I finally felt like  this was something I wanted to do. And I was doing it for me. I also decided to take my Poliquin PICP Level I & II this December in Montreal.

2. What excites you NOW?
What excites me NOW is this feeling of finally doing what I want, for ME, taking chances and making changes to live the life I want to live! Also, connecting with others who are living the dream!

Branding yourself:
1.    What is the message I want to convey to the world?
That you can be fit, active, healthy and happy! You don’t have to sacrifice social engagements or spend hours upon hours in the gym to lose weight and feel good. I want to inspire people to make positive lifestyle changes.
2.    What will differentiate me from others?
I am not going to coach women for “contest prep”, and I want to stay away from that.

3.    What’s the feeling I want people to have when they land on my page?
Wow I want to look like her! I’m going to buy her program, e-book, etc. I want people to feel motivated and inspired.

4.    What’s the feeling I want people to have when they meet me in person?
I want people to think that I am authentic and passionate about what I do. I want to be approachable, and I want to be congruent with the image I portray on social media.
5.    What can people count on from me?
I am a perfectionist, so people can count on me putting forth my best effort to help them. I won’t take a week to respond to e-mails (like I’ve experienced with some trainers). I will not do anything detrimental to their health. I will help them achieve sustainable weight loss and fitness goals, not just a quick fix.
6.    What are three things I’m most passionate about? (business, personal, general interest)
1.    Right now I am passionate about starting my business and discovering and developing my personal brand
2.    Having a life where I can work from home and travel (and get the heck away from the snow)
3.    My dogs

7.    What are my three greatest personality traits?
Thoughtful, reliable, organized

8.    What are three words who describe who I am?
Adventurous, creative, perfectionist

9.    What problems can I help solve?
I can solve the mystery of how they get the caramel inside the Caramilk bar (just checking to see who reads this)
I want to help women feel balanced with regards to fitness, health, and their social life.  I want to bust the myth that you have to be miserable when you are “dieting” to lose weight. I want to break women from their cardio bunny habits, and teach them that lifting weights will NOT make them look like a man.

10.     In two sentences, here’s a description of who I am and what I’m about.
I love fitness and eating nutritious food, but I also love cupcakes. I want to help women find a balance between enjoying life and reaching their fitness goals through meal planning and weight training.