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A. I spend the majority of my time talking about weight loss, fat loss in particular, training and exercises, macros and developing a balanced lifestyle with food, cardio and to not overdo it… just many topics based around fitness, training, nutrition, and lifestyle factors helping to develop a healthy, confident physique.


B. I don't really have any concerns at the moment. I actually have my first two ebooks already up on my site, one of them touching on healthy paleo recipes, and the other as a supplement guide. I'm currently working on my third and going into the launching process with Natalie. For the first two, I didn't do a “launch” … I actually had no idea what a launch was or that there was a specific process toward marketing an ebook lol … shows how much I have learned thus far. After I launch this ebook, I also have another 4 waiting to be edited and launched. Once i joined FMI last june after working with Natalie, I legit watched about 12 videos and topics in about 4 weeks. I have an entire notebook on notes from each video … One of the videos I happened to watch was “how to make money while you sleep” which touched on eproducts and how if you don't have any, you should definitely start. After I watched that video, I went right to work on writing and typing. I now have 8 ebooks total, number 3 being the first official launch or starting to seek out affiliates, do social media posts, collecting emails for a discounted price, etc. I can't thank Natalie and FMI enough for getting me in the right direction! I super excited about this launch and expecting a very fantastic first few weeks after making my 3rd ebook available!