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    Don't have an ebook yet? Download the “How to write an ebook in 10 steps” guide by clicking the link below:
    Right Click and ‘save as', or click to open —> workshop-how-towrite-ebook-10-steps (link:

    You have your social media dialed in, you captured their email, they bought your ebook, but how are you doing to deliver it to them instantly and automated? Don't worry, we have you covered. Learn how easy it is to set up your digital products and deliver them to people 24 hours a day and do it 100% automated!

    We demonstrate a great software that we have used from day 1. You can get a FREE 30 day trial with THIS LINK. After that, it starts at a flat $6 per month with ZERO percentage of your sales (that is huge!). A bargain to get a completely automated

    FMI® Guild

    Week 7 Assignment

    1. Go to the “How to Develop an E-Book” section of the Guild forum …
    2. Download Natalie's link for, “How to write an ebook in 10 steps”

    3. Watch Video

    4. Take Notes

    5. Answer The Following Questions: (Here on the forum) 
    a. What do you spend the most time explaining to your clients? (The Volume of questions related to this topic?)
    b. What are your concerns about writing your first ebook?


    Camy Kennedy

    The download is not working for me…anyone else?


    Kate Stewart

    Not working for me either.

    FMI® Guild

    Camy, Kate – the problem has been fixed.  You can download the PDF at this time.

    Paul Hovan

    A. I spend the majority of my time talking about weight loss, fat loss in particular, training and exercises, macros and developing a balanced lifestyle with food, cardio and to not overdo it… just many topics based around fitness, training, nutrition, and lifestyle factors helping to develop a healthy, confident physique.


    B. I don't really have any concerns at the moment. I actually have my first two ebooks already up on my site, one of them touching on healthy paleo recipes, and the other as a supplement guide. I'm currently working on my third and going into the launching process with Natalie. For the first two, I didn't do a “launch” … I actually had no idea what a launch was or that there was a specific process toward marketing an ebook lol … shows how much I have learned thus far. After I launch this ebook, I also have another 4 waiting to be edited and launched. Once i joined FMI last june after working with Natalie, I legit watched about 12 videos and topics in about 4 weeks. I have an entire notebook on notes from each video … One of the videos I happened to watch was “how to make money while you sleep” which touched on eproducts and how if you don't have any, you should definitely start. After I watched that video, I went right to work on writing and typing. I now have 8 ebooks total, number 3 being the first official launch or starting to seek out affiliates, do social media posts, collecting emails for a discounted price, etc. I can't thank Natalie and FMI enough for getting me in the right direction! I super excited about this launch and expecting a very fantastic first few weeks after making my 3rd ebook available!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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