Kat Tesori Interview

How did you get started in modeling?
I never thought about becoming a fitness model or even a model until my
second or third year in college. I can thank my friends for opening the
doors to my aspirations about pursing the fitness industry.

In July 2005, Miss Hawaiian Tropic (sun care company) held one of their
nationwide preliminary model searches in Utah. My friends heard the contest
being advertised on the radio and called to see if I was going to compete.
They convinced me I should try. I had done a few aerobic classes in
college, but other than those few activities I did not work out or have a
clean diet.

I had six days before the first competition and I put the pedal to the
medal. I made dramatic changes to my diet and went on a work-out frenzy! I
was shocked how much change I made in one week. One of my friends stopped
by my apartment to help me select my wardrobe and was shocked by my
transformation. I ended up winning and won a few more competitions. In the
end, I walked away with the Utah title and traveled to Hawaii for the
national competition.

Since that moment, I have been addicted and because of networking with
others have been blessed with so many opportunities.

Was “Fitness Modeling” what you intended on when you started or did you see
yourself doing “mainstream”?
I never thought about becoming a fitness model or even a model until my friends convinced me to sign up for a local competition.

Tell us about the Flex Bikini Competition you won.
You can learn more about the contest rules and registration by visiting:

How many covers have you done?
So far I have only been on one Cover… April 2008 issue of Max Muscle.
Most magazines today are only using pro competitors or famous models/actors. Hopefully I earn more Covers. Covers help add creditability to your name.

What has been your best experience so far in your career? And your worst?
Modeling and competing are not hard AT ALL – I love the experiences that come with the industry but from time to time: being away from home, keeping faith in yourself and letting your values and personality shine can be the hardest part of the industry.

I am confident in myself when I am involved in my normal day to day routine. When I am competing, I often have to remind myself I have done all I could to get ready and I am who I am and to be proud of who I am. When you are working or competing around girls who all have the total package, it can be hard to keep focus on your personal goals.

What female fitness model inspires you?
Jamie Eason – She is a genuine person who is willing to share her knowledge and experiences and she remembers people’s names!

When my Max Muscle cover came out Jamie Eason found me on Myspace and sent me a message. Now Jamie Eason is a supermodel and has like 30,000 + friends so to take the time to find me on MySpace and send me a message congratulating me was a big deal! When I first met her at an expo she remembered my name only after corresponding with me through MySpace. These are only a few examples why she inspires me…

Does your husband support your career?
Most definitely – he is sooooo supportive and actually pushes me to do more! We have never been in a fight because of my spokesmodeling job… It really does take support from family to make things work in the modeling industry.

Have you ever traveled outside of the U.S. to model? If so where?
I have traveled outside of the U.S. for only one Modeling job… I went to Beijing, China in July of 2008 for a week. This opportunity was made possible by Clark Bartram and was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity on so many levels!

What is your training regimen like?
I would say there is really not one type of training plan that has helped me achieve my goals. I believe what has helped me to achieve my goals are:
Keeping training fun
Taking breaks when needed
Remembering to go through gaining muscle cycles as well as toning/losing cycles.
Switching the type of exercise preformed – free weights vs machines vs stability balls and exercise bands.

Tell us about your nutritional regimen.
Check out for my toning and leaning example diet. This example is exactly what I used to train for the Flex Model Search at the Olympia.
I will soon be uploading a gaining diet plan…
It is good for people to remember to switch their diet plans to coordinate with their training/gym plan.

How tall are you?
I am 5’4”

Do you stay “in shape” all year round or do you get ready for events?
I stay in shape/maintain my athletic look year round… In shape meaning I only usually need a week to tweak my body weight or shape depending on the job. It is so important to always be in shape because you never know when an opportunity is going to present itself and I have had HUGE opportunities comes with only six days notice.

Do you have a “real job” If so, what is it?
I am employed in the Logistics career field as a Civilian for the United States Air Force working as an Inventory Management Specialist. I manage assets for one of our Nation’s weapon systems.

Do you have a web site or product to promote?
I do have a website… Currently I am using one of those free online blogs as my personal site. My site is nothing too fancy but at least I have a site and I am able to make my own changes and upload new content.

Do you do personal Training?
Not currently, but I hope to begin schooling very soon.
I am working on paying off my car and student loans before I acquire anymore loans.

What advice would you give aspiring fitness models? Should they compete, get
photos, network…what is the path of least resistance to fame in this
industry as far as your concerned?
Competing is great because this is where you begin to network with people in
the industry
Hawaiian Tropic, NGA, NPC bikini/figure are a few ideas but get onto Google
and find whatever you can there are a million competitions out there…
Join ANY/ALL social networking site you feel are appropriate –
Tell as many people as you can about your goals – I received my first jobs
because of other people mentioning my contact information .


Are there any resources available, that you know of, to help models advance
their careers?
This kind of repeats the question above but it cannot be stressed enough.
1. Join any and every social networking site you feel is appropriate…

2. Start participating in a few blogs – two I am involved with are:

3. Join an agency:
this agency is one of the largest and most well known agencies I have heard of but I am sure there are plenty more out there – try using Google.

4. I am not saying this just because you are hosting the interview but I tell everyone interested in becoming a model/spokesmodel to buy “How to Become a Fitness Model” by: Clark Bartram. This book has numerous tools to help.

What are your goals in the industry?
To educate people on diet and exercise and get people excited about making the lifestyle change. Also, to just always be seen as a down to earth person that people feel comfortable approaching.

What is something interesting, funny, weird, amazing or unknown about you
that our readers would love to know?
ü Getting out of a ticket by claiming to have wet my pants – good thing I had a water bottle in my car.

ü At the age of 16 I was led to believe that blinker fluid was available at AutoZone for a malfunctioning turn signal. Yes I tried to purchase this item… J

ü I almost did not graduate from high school but six years later graduated from college with high honors and now have a graduate degree – did this while holding down a full time job.

What do you do for fun?
Right now work is how I spend a majority of my time. I have two jobs and both involve networking, making new friends, traveling and solving problems so for me work is fun.

But besides work my hobbies and interests include: involvement in my local community, fixing up my home, career counseling, salsa aerobics, expressive dance, weight training, camping, motorsports, boating and my new found love Pilates.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
I would like to travel back East, rent a car and drive up and down the coast with no pre-planned reservations and just check out as many historical monuments as possible in one week.

What is your favorite cheat meal?
Shots of Tequila combined with chips, homemade salsa and guacamole.

What is your favorite movie and why?
Too hard of a question – I have quite a few favorites.
1 – Pretty Woman – this movie never gets old and is proof to not judge a book by its cover.
Favorite quote from the movie:

Shop assistant: Hello, can I help you? 
Vivian: I was in here yesterday, you wouldn't wait on me. 
Shop assistant: Oh. 
Vivian: You people work on commission, right? 
Shop assistant: Yeah. 
Vivian: Big mistake. Big. Huge. I have to go shopping now.

2 – Pay it Forward – I love feel good movies involving good spirited lessons and this one always comes to mind first.

Book? Why?
I am not sure at this time… Ever since 2001, I have only had the chance to read textbooks and news type publications. I just recently joined a book club with a few of my girlfriends.

Quote? Why?
“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and
become more, you are a leader.”
John Quincy Adams

These are characteristics I think any leader should posses.
I forever want to be the type of person who motivates, educates and/or gets people excited for change.

Song? Why?
I really do not have a favorite song…
My favorite artists are:
Def Leppard
Britney Spears

What gets you really mad?
Watching unfair things happen to people easily gets me fired up more than the average person. I love the challenge to make things right and to research the truth.

What makes you really happy?
I am happiest when I am helping others even if helping is just answering a simple question.

What challenges have you experienced and how did you overcome them?
Learning how to balance my diet while still enjoying my not so healthy favorite food and drinks. I used to think I had to continue my diet year round with very few time-outs along the way. Having an all or nothing frame of mind was not a fun or healthy way to live. I learned it is ok and actually better to have many enjoyable breaks throughout the year.

I work in an administrative type office and there are always goodies in the office and lunches/parties planned. It is hard to say no to all the food especially when people make comments but I have learned to set a cheat schedule and pick a choose cheats foods that are worth eating. I always participate in the parties by signing up to bring a treat and will attend the party to socialize but go back to my desk to eat my own lunch. I will usually attend the out of office lunches but will only order a soup or a salad or even just a drink. I would rather save my cheat meals for the weekends…!!!

Drinking enough water was a hard thing for me because I would forget to drink it… I find it helpful to pre-fill and have the daily amount of a water needed readily available at my desk and/or in my car. I have to finish all the pre-filled water by the end of the day so whether I drink it all at once at the end of the day or drink it throughout the day is my choice but I will drink finish it!!! I have also found it helpful to drink certain amounts by certain times of the day.

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