Fit For Business

Fit For Business

Having just returned from one of the largest industry trade shows, FIBO, in Essen Germany, I realize now more than ever how huge our industry is. Too often when someone gets a certification, no matter the level or type, their thoughts and ideas of how they can enter the industry seem to be somewhat limited. Being a trainer is such a wonderful and rewarding experience, but the opportunities are endless when it comes to job opportunities in this great industry of ours.
While at FIBO I talked to engineers who design and build equipment, company owners who constantly are looking for bright and talented people, supplement formulators, sales people who have territories that afford them the opportunity to travel the world repping quality products. What I'm telling you is expose yourself to the vast array of income producing opportunities in this industry.

Training for me is something I always have to fall back on and I keep my certification current and refresh my skills by doing CEU's and I highly suggest you do the same, but if you are a dreamer like me then get out there and meet people and begin to explore what else you can do with your talent, skill and passion. I think an excellent place to start is a show like IHRSA, this year it will be held in San Diego, Ca. at our beautiful Convention Center right on the Harbor in the beautiful Gas Lamp District. Other than traveling to, arguably, one of the most desirable places in the world, you will be exposed to hundreds, if not thousands, of people who can open your mind to new and innovative ways to think “outside the box”. It's not cheap to attend, but the industry contacts and education you'll receive there are well worth the investment. Consider it a part of your educational expenses, I'm sure it's a write off as well.

The needs in our industry are constantly growing and you may have a latent talent hidden within that may somehow be ignited by someone you meet. Nearly every equipment manufacturer will be in attendance, billing companies, insurance providers, software developers, janitorial services, trademark and legal services and so on. See what I'm getting at? When someone thinks “I want to be in the fitness business” the automatic thought becomes “I'll be a trainer”. Well, if that is your desire you have come to the right place, we at The ISSA are 100% dedicated to providing you all the tools necessary to be the best at whatever areas you decide to specialize in, so get certified in as many areas as possible and keep up with your CEU's. But don't stop there is my overall point here…keep your mind and heart open to something that will help you venture outside the walls of a gym, something that will possibly earn you more money and freedom. Let's face it, unless you hire a team of trainers, you can only provide so much service on any given day.

Here is one thought that jumps off the top of my head. Say you are walking the halls of IHRSA and you meet the marketing director at Hoist Fitness Equipment and you strike up a great conversation about how much you love their product. Here is what I would do. Ask them what kind of presence, outside their company web site, they have on the net. Most won't have any. At that point I would jump on the idea of possibly being their conduit to the millions of You Tube, Facebook, My Space, Twitter and other social networking sites available online today. Obviously you would need to understand that genre and their brand, but that's the easy part. When you pique their interest ask for a better time to discuss the possibilities of being their social networking guru. Give them ideas of creating fun, innovative and creative ways the millions of social networkers to become exposed to the Hoist brand. This is where you need to be creative. I would come up with an online show like “The Fitness Fanatic” and create really different ways of introducing their product line to a whole new generation of people. Heck, for that matter you could approach every manufacturer and do that for many and not just one and charge by the show, or increased hits to their site. Become “The Fitness Guru” and do a really innovative and fun online show that talks about all of the new and innovative developments in our evolving industry. My intent here isn't to create a business plan for you, but more to get you thinking.

I've been at this for over twenty five years and I do that everyday, seriously everyday. I am constantly thinking, “how can I benefit someone today and make money while I am at it”? It works, it has for me as I've made a solid living, developed an impeccable reputation and traveled the world because I wasn't satisfied just being a trainer. I am, however, getting to go train someone right now so I'l always do that, love that and be grateful for the skill set I have to help people become healthier and better functioning creatures, but what I'm saying here is that there is so much more out there just waiting for you to come and get it.

We at The ISSA are here for you…bottom line. We talk the talk and walk the walk, so I invite your questions and feedback.
I'll leave you with a list of ideas, just off the top of my head, but it's up to you to go deeper and figure out what your niche is and where your passion lies.
Make this an exercise that is fun yet challenging, interesting and involves others that know you and can suggest things as well. Maybe your parents wanted you to be a lawyer and you wanted to be a trainer…Be an attorney who specializes in fitness related cases???!!! Follow me?

anyway here are just a few things…

1). Lecturer
2). Patent Attorney
3). Gym Owner
4). Supplement Formulator
5). Writer
6). Oil boy for photo shoots (I'm sure many will jump at that) 🙂
7). Clothing manufacturer
8). Corporate Wellness
9). Layout expert
10). Equipment Buyer for a large chain
11). Fitness Model and entrepreneur (that's what I do)
12). Marketing expert
13). Photographer
14). Consultant
15). Event organizer
16). Software Designer
17).Customer Service Expert (this is needed badly in the gym world)
18). Sell Products and services on the web (this is becoming HUGE)
19). Create a Niche and totally brand and build the demand
20). Educational Expert at ISSA

I just came up with these in two minutes, you can see the opportunities are endless and the idea is for you to begin to explore what it is that you truly love about the business, what your skill set is and meld the two and create an opportunity for your self. Obviously keep your education current and always expand, and who knows, a light may come on during that process. Enjoy yourself, have fun and we'll see you in San Diego at IHRSA

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