3 Ideas to Increase Blog Traffic

It can be very frustrating to spend hours creating the most amazing content, and then noticing your post not get the traffic it deserves. Driving traffic to your sales page is one of the best uses of your blog, but if your blog itself isn’t getting enough visibility, nothing is going to happen.

Your content isn’t the issue here, and the reason for poor engagement is probably you not following SEO guidelines while making your post. A simple tweak here and there will show you a world of difference:

1) Drop the keyword:
drop the keyword

Most bloggers write a long intro before bothering about keywords, but this is BAD SEO practice‼️ The best place to start dropping keywords is somewhere within the first 100 words of your article, as this convinces search engines that your content is relevant and worth being at the top.

2) Size is important:
size matters

Better size up, because according to the latest Google Updates, content length is a criteria which affects your rankings big way. 2000 words is ideal for every post you make, with a minimum of 1000 words at least! Longer content also allows you to use more keywords and directly boost your Google ranking.

3) Use outbound links:

outbound link

Outbound links are the quickest way to show Google that your information is authentic and verified by other sources. This is a vital requirement to rank higher, so make sure you add links to other websites and articles in your content and sit back and watch your traffic increase!


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