Becoming An Authority In Your Market

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It’s more important than ever to attain an authority status in your industry now, with the market being as overcrowded as it is. In order to grow your followers, increase sales and reach influencer status, you have to stand out from the crowd.


Here are some things you should do to get started:


1) Find your niche:

Find your niche

Being versatile and having an overall knowledge about all areas is great, but if you want to be regarded as an expert, you MUST find a targeted, focused niche in which to specialize. Don’t worry – you will not limit your audience, instead you will attract a very interested and invested audience.  Choose your niche by going into your own accounts and finding the most profitable and active areas.


2) Start a blog:

blogging schedule

You need to start a blog, if you don’t have one already.  You don’t have to blog daily, but you must provide valuable content that is relevant in your area of expertise.  Blogging is a full page advertisement for who you are and what you promise. You can also write guest articles for high traffic blogs. Target popular high – traffic blogs in your area of interest and send the editor a killer article. Make sure that it will bring traffic to them as well as yourself.


3) Dominate the keywords:


Do some keyword research and find some which are relevant to your industry. You should aim to completely OWN your chosen keywords so that whenever anyone searches for any of them, your name should be on top of the result list. SEO and website optimization count big time here. You should get your blog/website/landing page optimized as per the latest Google SEO guidelines so that you rank high there!


Becoming an Expert Authority in your market

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