Membership Websites: 3 Quick Hacks To Improve Profits

Membership sites are a great way to build a source of passive income and are different from the traditional online courses, because instead of creating one set curriculum, you’ll continuously be adding new and fresh content to update your website.

Here are 3 quick hacks you can use NOW and increase profits from your membership website:


1)Offer a free/paid trial to new visitors:

free trial

One of the best ways to market your membership website is by offering trials. This way your potential customers know beforehand what they are purchasing, and are hence more likely to spend money on your website. You can create a free trial or a low cost($1) trial. Both are great strategies, but should be used on different sets of clients. Usually, the free trial works better when offered to cold traffic( First time website visitors) and low cost trials work best with warm traffic(subscribers of your newsletter).


2)Bundle Your Content:

course bundles
Bundling your content(ex: courses) are a great way to organize your content, sell membership subscriptions and manage your content on a regular basis. Course bundles are sure to be purchased more comfortably by your clients because they feel they are getting a lot of value for their money. Throw in some bonus content, just to make it more tempting!


3)Set Up Rewards For Your Members

did you say rewards


Affiliate marketing is a tried and tested way to increase revenue, and you should apply it to your membership site as well. Different ways you can set up rewards for your customers:

• Set up some credits they can use for their next purchase if they convince someone to join your membership site using their client ID.

• Set up a virtual certificate they will receive when they complete a course. They can pay some amount to have the physical certificate shipped to them.

• Access to special content for a limited period of time after they complete a certain number of courses.


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profitable online membership website

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