5 Ways for Fitness Entrepreneurs To Build a Brand Online


Most people would like their names to be an online sensation and gain popularity like never before, right? For most, it is just a desire. For us Fitness Entrepreneurs it is an absolute necessity. In this niche industry there is cut throat competition, and in order to make a mark, you must build and propagate your brand.

Building a brand has never been an easy task, but now, like all other things, it has become much easier due to the internet. Here are 5 cool ways you can build up your brand online.


1) Create Your Own Virtual Business Card.


Virtual B Card


A business card is a classic technique used by entrepreneurs which dates back to prehistoric times. Business cards are a medium you can use to make your startup look professional and proficient. Well, now that we are in the digital age, you’ll find yourself having clients all over the world. While it may be physically impossible to give actual business cards to everybody, you can make a virtual business card and distribute it to your clientele. This is a GREAT business tactic because it combines both traditional and modern concepts and delivers to your customers an awesome fusion of both.

If you have no idea about making your very own business card online, here are some sites which we think will come of help:

  • MiniCard: Purchase a domain and set up a digital business card.
  • Twtbizcard: This great website allows you to transform your Twitter into a business card.
  • QR Codes: Set up a QR code your clients can scan instead of dull boring text filled cards.


2)  Create your own Social Email Signature.


email sign


It is time to leave those old dull boring emails in the stone age,where they belong. Make your mails a social and descriptive affair through which people on your network can learn for about you.

Wisestamp is a great new browser plugin which enables you to create your own digital signature with social icons, RSS feeds and much more.


3) Get the Media to Help You Out.


media help


The quickest way to gaining popularity in this world is appearing media such as news articles, popular blogs and television. Having your name on news articles and popular blogs is a great way to display your authority and show your customers you are a name to be trusted. Here are some excellent links which you can use to connect with various reporters and get quoted.

  • NewsBasis: Connecting you with journalists who are keen to hear your story.
  • MediaKitty: Network that connects journalists to sources.
  • HARO: Email network which connects reporters to news sources.


4)  Maintain your Profiles.




Make sure you are consistently active and present on your social networking profiles. This is very important because it provides you with invaluable feedback regarding what your customers are thinking or how they are feeling. It is also a great way to keep track of how much your popularity is growing or declining.


Here are some top networking sites you should consider setting up a profile on :


  • Facebook :  With the world’s largest number of account holders, your Facebook account is a      valuable social tool.
  • LinkedIn: The Ultimate Business network where you can upload your entire resume for the world to see.
  • Google + : This is a great tool which increases your rank in online searches.
  • Twitter : Ideal to display your thoughts to your followers.
  • : A platform which you can use to describe yourself and discuss why you would be beneficial to your customers.


5)  Start a Newsletter Campaign.





Kickstart a great Email Marketing Campaign by sending out monthly/bi monthly newsletters.This allows you to build up a vast network of interested clientele and will increase your publicity by word-of-mouth. If you share great content, maybe your recipients will forward the mail to their friends and so on and so forth. Here are some online popular tools which will make your work much easier:

  • Mailchimp: This is a newsletter service which is completely free of cost up till your 2000th subscriber.
  • TinyLetter: A very old and trusted platform for sending out mass emails seamlessly.



Times are changing. You must keep yourself updated because that is what your clients are doing this very instant. To captivate their interest and earn their business, you must first reach them through the medium they are comfortable with. Use these great tips you just learnt and make a killer digital brand online NOW!


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