5 Hacks To Build Brand Awareness

5 Hacks To Build Brand Awareness

Easy Brand Awareness Strategies For Every Business

So you just built your own personal brand, but aren’t really feeling famous yet.  Well, just making a brand isn’t enough these days in this “dog-eat-dog” world, you have to also create awareness and increase its publicity.

Now, you may be wondering, what is brand awareness ? The answer is one you already know. Want a Cola? You ask for Coke (sorry Pepsi). Want a tissue? You think Kleenex. This is exactly what brand awareness is.  All these terms are called proprietary eponyms and they function in such a way, that they replace the generic terms for any similar products in the market. Now there is no easy way to become a household name overnight, but here are my 5 hacks to create some awareness for your own brand.


1) Give Your Brand A Unique Personality.


5 Hacks To Build Brand Awareness


You know what attracts people the most these days? It’s humor and personality. Give your brand a fun, unique personality, and you will reap the benefits soon enough. Trust me- in the Fitness Industry, being funny, lively and sometimes outrageous, makes you pretty memorable. Remember those Old Spice adverts? Their sales hiked by a considerable amount after the injected the element of humor into their ads. Another advantage you will have is that there is a high chance you will go viral, attracting more attention than you could ever imagine!


2) Start A Podcast


5 Hacks To Build Brand Awareness


This is really something you should consider doing to increase your brand awareness. Start up a weekly or monthly industry podcast and make it available on popular hosting sites such as iTunes and SoundCloud. Attract more audience by having fact filled sessions where you share your views and tips on the fitness industry. You should also have guests over on the session and interview them. Big names will attract attention like anything and increase your publicity many times. There is also the added benefit of getting to know many people in the same industry as you are.


3) Start A Referral System.


5 Hacks To Build Brand Awareness


Referral Systems are one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness. This works on the system of ‘word-of-mouth’. Everybody would spread awareness about your brand if they knew that they too were receiving something out of it. Uber gives 10% off whenever a passenger rides for the first time and uses your referral code. This is a great example of a hack you can use to increase your brand awareness immediately.


4) Make Local Partnerships


5 Hacks To Build Brand Awareness


One more great brand awareness strategy you can use is to make local deals and partnerships with popular businesses which will help you gain popularity and increase your brand awareness. You may have to invest some money in this venture, but it has guaranteed returns, as the popular business will now be endorsing and advertising all your products to their clients, in turn making them your new clients.


5) Free Stuff


5 Hacks To Build Brand Awareness


This one needs no explanation. Get a bunch of stuff- T-Shirts, mobile device chargers, seasonal items, reusable water bottles and print your brand name, colors and logo all over them. Give them away for free at all events and gatherings and you’ll see people instantly take an interest in your service and willingly spread word about your business. Everybody loves free things, and you’ll find yourself becoming a hit very soon!



5 Hacks To Build Brand Awareness


As I said before, becoming a household name is not easy. It’s not impossible either though, and it has been achieved by many brands. Start with these 5 simple hacks and keep working your way towards the dream!

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