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We here at FMI Guild are proud to be the only multi-accredited Fitness Entrepreneurship Training Program on the planet

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What is FMI Guild?

FMI™ Guild is a business educational conference and association for fitness/wellness industry professionals and entrepreneurs. Our tagline is The Fitness MBA™; simply put, if you love health/wellness/fitness we want to help you reach your business goals.

Who is it For?

Most of our alumni are simply passionate about the fitness/wellness lifestyle and want to help inspire a larger audience to better health. Whether you are the next weight loss hero, mother of 5, fitness industry professional, corporate employee who inspires your colleagues to better health, physique competitor, etc, you have discovered that you are bombarded with questions on how to live a better life and want to know how you can help better the world using 21st century tools and techniques.

Why Join FMI Guild?

FMI™ Guild gives you the core strategies you need to know for success as an entrepreneurs in the highly competitive world of fitness. But don't just take our word for it - we are the only multi-accredited fitness entrepreneurship training program on the planet. Period.

What FMI Guild Alumni Are Saying

Christina RuvalcabaLifestyle Coach, Nutritionist
Learning and growing will be a constant goal of mine, attending this event was such an eye opener and I recommend anyone in the fitness industry to attend.
Brittany HerleanWBFF FitnessPro
I enjoy attending the fitness business conference last fall. It was a conference filled with fitness professionals and experts that taught about the business of fitness- blogs, online training, YouTube channels, eBooks & so much more PLUS there were sessions with photographers to help build a professional fitness portfolio. If you're in the fitness industry and want to learn how to make a business out of your interest check out FMI Guild.
Owner, Phase 1 Sports Las VegasMichael Waters
Definitely having a great day. End of the first day of the event and I am already learning so much and the brain is already over worked so definitely looking forward to the next two days.
Lisa RooneyOnline Body Coach, Certified Fitness Nutritionist, Fitness Model
Thanks for the lessons learned about pushing through limitations and powering forward with creating my brand.
Laurie MaranianLaurie Maranian
We had another awesome day at the #fmi2014 conference, including meeting and hearing from two great business minds in the industry, Sohee Lee and Michael Waters! It was an honor and a privilege and we are fired up more than ever to go after our dreams!
Ryan BenaventePhase1 Performance Trainer, Brand Ambassador
Great day at the FMI Guild Conference learning from the West Coast Alpha Male Mike Rashid. Loved his take on using the gym as the platform to tap into your will power. Inner strength provides the mental ability to overcome life challenges.
Erica Clanton BruentonNPC Bikini Competitor, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor
Mind blown! Excellent lessons in building your brand and online presence from Natalie Jill. I'm definitely looking forward to learning more from this powerhouse!!
Whitney TwedeWriter, Fitness Coach, Entrepreneur
Had such an amazing weekend of listening to fitness entrepreneurs share their stories about their lives. Took so much away from this conference. A little sad to go home.... But I also don't think my brain can handle anymore info right now! Time to go apply some of it!
Frances CaroTrainer, Athlete
Motivation at it's finest at the amazing & inspiring FMI 2014 Fitness Summit ! Iif there's 1 thing I learned this past weekend it's to always follow YOUR PASSION
Kylie BurnsideOnline Personal Trainer, Fitness Writer, Entrepreneur
Despite each session lead coming from completely different backgrounds and having unique stories, the same “blueprint to success” was repeated time and time again during our three days together: work hard + never give up. Having the opportunity to hear candidly from industry leaders was truly motivating and deeply inspired me to become someone who could speak at the front of that room one day.
Stacy BrizuelaWBFF Competitor, Personal Trainer
I had such an amazing weekend at #fmi2014 thanks to this amazing visionary Natalie Minh.
Jodi FrazierNASM CPT & Nutrition, Personal Trainer
It was such a great weekend! Learned so much about being a successful entrepreneur in the fitness industry. I have pages and pages of notes, a camera full of pictures, and a mind full of ideas right now... There is nothing like spending several days with a room full of like-minded people, who have genuine intentions of helping others... Something big is coming in my future and I cannot wait!
Camy KennedyNutrition & Fitness Coach
This weekend at FMI Guild was inspiring, motivating and gave me the kick in the *ss I needed to DO what I said I'm going to do. If you know there is something more out there for you, then you need to keep investing in yourself and surrounding yourself with the right people. Thank you Natalie Minh and Gary Augustine Warren for putting on the greatest business education conference for fitness professionals in Newport Beach this year! Every year there are new speakers and more info to help us grow. Thank you for being awesome!! See you next year!
Rachel SchwartzNutritionist, Athlete
FMI Conference is sadly over! Such an amazing experience! I learned so much and had the opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones. Until next year!!! Big thank you to Natalie Minh and gary Augustine Warren for putting this POWERHOUSE conference together! Learning from the best
Shana LeighPersonal Trainer
Met some super inspiring people at FMI Guild this year! Already started implementing some of the tools they have given me at this conference. Anyone considering attending next year GO FOR IT! I'm so grateful for the value that's provided here. It's been life changing!