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The Key To Perfect Social Media Marketing

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Social networks are a dangerous place to make a mistake- a simple mistake is remembered and reminded for all time to come! In such a high pressure environment, it's best to be prepared, and below are three quick tips you can use right NOW to always have an awesome social media presence and rake in the followers! 1) Picky Picky Quality beats quantity any day when it comes to social media. Quality c ...[Read More]

5 Powerful Influencer Marketing Tools To Find Influencers

5 Powerful Influencer Marketing Tools To Find Influencers

Influencer Marketing Tools To Help You Find Influencers In Your Market Influencers are amongst the highest authority in their respective fields and they command a great amount of leverage over their fans and followers. Working with Influencers to advertise your brand and spread your message, is a tried and tested and an effective method to grow in your market and increase your client base. However ...[Read More]

How To Become A Market Influencer In 2017


Influencer marketing is a pretty hot topic right now and to become a market influencer is a dream for a lot of entrepreneurs. One of the key reasons for big brands looking for influencers is the fact that most influencers come with their own loyal social media following, marketing ideas and a fresh outlook which can give a brand a new feel. The success behind influencer marketing lies in the authe ...[Read More]

Crucial Changes Every Website Needs for Google Optimization in 2017

Crucial Changes for Google Optimization

Crucial Changes for Google Optimization Back in 1996, at Stanford University, a simple idea was taking birth in the heads of two brilliant PhD students,   Larry Page and Sergey Brin, which would go on to stagger the world and bring about a digital and social revolution by it’s uncontrollable growth and increasing utility. Today, exactly 21 years later, the Google Search Engine processes over 40,00 ...[Read More]

What Is Influencer Marketing And Why You Need It In 2017

What Is Influencer Marketing And Why You Need It In 2017

  If you’re a fitness entrepreneur and have been trying to step up your online marketing game, you must have come across the term ‘Influencer Marketing’. You must have heard about it’s mysterious and elusive properties, but you may not have decided whether this tactic is actually worth your time, energy and money. Here’s a simple explanation of this futuristic marketing concept, and why it wi ...[Read More]