Membership Websites: 3 Quick Hacks To Improve Profits

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Membership sites are a great way to build a source of passive income and are different from the traditional online courses, because instead of creating one set curriculum, you’ll continuously be adding new and fresh content to update your website. Here are 3 quick hacks you can use NOW and increase profits from your membership website:   1)Offer a free/paid trial to new visitors: One of the b ...[Read More]

The Key To Perfect Social Media Marketing

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Social networks are a dangerous place to make a mistake- a simple mistake is remembered and reminded for all time to come! In such a high pressure environment, it's best to be prepared, and below are three quick tips you can use right NOW to always have an awesome social media presence and rake in the followers! 1) Picky Picky Quality beats quantity any day when it comes to social media. Quality c ...[Read More]

3 Harsh Truths To Make You A Better Entrepreneur

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  Ours Tips To Become A Better Entrepreneur 1) You Can’t Do Everything! There’s always too much to do, when you’re a business owner. If you try to do it all, you’ll burn yourself out and won’t be able to put your effort in places it’s really needed. Delegation is an important part of the process. Be sure to hire people who can fill in your gaps and help you succeed! 💪🏻 2) Habits Vs Inspiratio ...[Read More]

What Is Influencer Marketing And Why You Need It In 2017

What Is Influencer Marketing And Why You Need It In 2017

  If you’re a fitness entrepreneur and have been trying to step up your online marketing game, you must have come across the term ‘Influencer Marketing’. You must have heard about it’s mysterious and elusive properties, but you may not have decided whether this tactic is actually worth your time, energy and money. Here’s a simple explanation of this futuristic marketing concept, and why it wi ...[Read More]

5 Ways to Use Facebook for Marketing

5 Ways to Use Facebook for Marketing

Whether you're a small home-grown business, or a huge powerful corporation, you will find that Facebook is a powerful marketing agent. Facebook is a great platform through which you can keep you clients updated, widen your reach and also create a brand identity.   Here are 5 ways you can use your Facebook account for your Marketing Campaign :   1) Facebook Adverts.     Facebook ...[Read More]

5 Tools for The Perfect Digital Marketing Campaign

5 Tools for The Perfect Digital Marketing Campaign

  Fitpreneurs, let’s talk Digital Marketing: it is time for you to expand your business globally and give access to people in every nook and cranny of the world. Here are my top five tools which you can use to kick-start your very own Digital Marketing Campaign!     1) Publish Awesome Content.     I probably don't need to even say this, but I can't NOT mention the importan ...[Read More]

Marketing 101

It's a never ending situation for me, I am constantly getting hit with questions of 'how can I effectively market myself". I always answer the same way and it will never have to be in the faces of the people, in shape and ready to go at a moments notice. Period! There seems to also be a belief in the industry that if one has a certain amount of exposure (even if it is a ton) that ther ...[Read More]