5 Tools for The Perfect Digital Marketing Campaign


Fitpreneurs, let’s talk Digital Marketing: it is time for you to expand your business globally and give access to people in every nook and cranny of the world. Here are my top five tools which you can use to kick-start your very own Digital Marketing Campaign!


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1) Publish Awesome Content.




I probably don't need to even say this, but I can't NOT mention the importance of publishing super content in this post! If you can write it yourself, that's amazing. If you can't, don't worry at all, you will have zero difficulties in finding someone who is willing to write out article for your blog. Try writing top 10 lists, cheats you've learnt or used, tips, etc. This is a great way to pique the interest of potential clients and to also show them that you are knowledgeable in your chosen service. Read our top 5 tips for writing great content and apply them to your new posts!


2) Email Marketing.




Email is a powerful and versatile tool which allows you to engage new visitors with your business and also maintain relationships with your existing clients. Offer bonus content as a deal to clients who sign up for your newsletter. Slowly nurture your subscribers and keep proving to them you really are what you say you are- and soon they'll become paying customers. Start your email marketing campaign with free mass email services like MailChimp. Read our 5 quick fixes you can make NOW and increase the efficiency of your marketing campaign.


3) Trendy Social Network.




Social Networking is by far the most important tool you can find at this age which allows you to reach millions of potential clients throughout the world. Create business accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. Add Pinterest and Instagram to that list if you want to add an image-oriented angle to your marketing. Reddit, a social network, which is known as the “front page of internet” can also be a powerful tool, when used properly. To excel at Reddit, you should share only awesome content and post to extreme niches and subcategories. Find the right niche and subcategory, start dominating there, and you'll soon find a very tech-savvy audience who is willing to listen and consider what you have to say.


4) Online Advertising.




Advertising is most often very expensive and this can make it very deterring, but what if I told you there were ways to get your advertisements out to the world which do not burn a hole in your budget? Try Stumble Upon's Paid Search Discovery. It delivers users straight to your profile, ready to engage. It is pretty cheap too, when compared to other paid ad structures. You start with a base price of 10 cents for every click, and then add 2 cents for specific targeting(age, gender, device). This is tonnes cheaper than most other social media prices. Facebook, for example can charge you as much as 90 cents for every click. You can also try to get Ad Promo Credits. There are often discounts and coupons available for paid ads on Facebook or Google. Keep searching and see if you can find some.

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5) Conduct Online Contests.




This is a great way to attract customers to your business and also to spread word by word-of-mouth. You will need to cough up some money for a prize, but the publicity you will generate will more than compensate you. If you are not sure you know how to go about hosting a contest, visit Rafflecopter, a site which makes it really easy for you to set up a contest. You can then embed the link to the contest in a flashy ad in your webpage to spread it's awareness.


These are just five points to help you jump-start your digital marketing campaign. You should try your best to personalize your campaigns to reflect the message you are trying to send out and show exactly what you are offering. Technology has given you the liberty to access millions, are you going to reach out today and see what you are capable of achieving?


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