5 Quick Fixes You Should Make To Make Your Email Marketing Campaign Come Back To Life


Do you find your newsletter losing followers? Do you find your emails go unread or unable to pass the spam barrier? Check out our 5 quick fixes you should use while writing your next email, and watch your email marketing campaign take off into the sky!


1)  Use Personalized Subject Lines.




There are a LOT of internet users in the world today. Almost everybody has an email ID today, and with the invention of Facebook and Whatsapp and other such platforms these days, email is now becoming a redundant concept. However, it is an integral part of your advertisement campaign and YOU must make sure your emails are attractive. The first step to do this is to use Personalized Subject Lines. When busy people see a mail from a random sender, they generally tend to just read the headline and first sentence. If it seems like a mass email, it goes straight to trash. You should make the entire feel of the email personal. Use names. There are programs such as MailChimp which allow you to automatically use the first name of your receiver in the mail. Using casual language tells your reader that you are a real living person and your message is not spam.


2)  Buzz Your Readers!




If you want to sell anybody anything- be sure to do your research about them  well. You should find what other social sites are frequented by your clientele. Use Rapportive ( as a tool to help you do this. After you get this information, send them a personalized message and let them know that they can expect an interesting mail from you soon. They will more likely open your mail if their interests are piqued before hand.


3)  Humor is the Key!


funny attractive


It's a well known fact that people spend more time these days on humorous websites than reading their mail. Always remember that humor ALWAYS wins. Also, as an added perk, your reader gets a chance to see that you are brave enough to kick off an email with a good joke punchline!


4)  First Sentence = First Impression.




Rule 1 of Business: First Impressions Count! The first sentence you write determines whether or not the reader will keep reading. Get to the point immediately and state in the first line how your mail would be relevant to your reader. It's on you to capture the attention of your audience, and you better start right away!


5)  Examine the Response.




Be sure to follow up on the response of your email campaigns. Email services like MailChimp offer statistics regarding your bulk email campaigns. Keep a track on how many people have opened your mail, how many people have clicked exactly what links on your emails etc. Use these statistics to figure out what your clientele like to see and make sure you implement more of those in your next mails.


Start using these 5 quick fixes right away and make necessary changes to your emails NOW! You will see positive results very soon. Enjoy watching your viewership go higher and higher with every email!


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