5 Tips for Writing Great Content NOW !


Suffering from writer’s block? Are your posts not generating enough eyeballs?  Step up your awesome content writing with these top 5 tips for your blogs and other social media posts:


1) Find and Use the Right Keywords.




You, as an author not only need to concentrate on writing great content, but also on making sure that your targeted clients READ your articles. In order to achieve this, you need to make sure that they first FIND the article on their search, right? Well, here's where the concept of KEYWORD comes into play. All the popularly used search engines use an algorithm which ranks all material on the internet in a list, which is displayed to the user in an orderly manner, of descending relevance. This algorithm matches the user's individual search terms with similar words found on content present in the internet database. These individual search terms are the keywords. You need to incorporate keywords or key phrases in your article properly so that your customers have no difficulty in finding it on page 1 of their online search. Try and maintain a keyword density between 2-3% in a content rich article and then you will find that your article marketing campaign become a powerful tool for your business!


2) Be Careful of your Article Length.

article length


The length of your articles is a highly deciding factor on how popular your posts are. Article Length can make or break your article marketing campaign. Overly short and extremely long articles are both heavily penalized by readers. Most viewers will first scroll through the entire article and judge whether it is worth reading or not. Very long articles seem daunting while very short ones would likely look like a waste of time. You should make your articles interesting and to-the-point such that it attracts maximum viewers. The best articles have a word count between 400 and 1,200 words.


3) Offer Useful Content.




Not a single one of your customers have time to waste. In order for them to religiously follow your blog posts, you must offer them useful advice which they can start implementing at once. You should use a strong opening line for your article, addressing a question your reader has. This lets your reader know that they have found the right article and sets the tone for your entire article. Offer instructions, advice, opinions, facts or other relevant info. Remember not to use your blog posts to make a lengthy boring sales pitch, because this gives the reader an opportunity to stop reading. You, as an author should conduct proper research and compose a targeted article full of relevant information and advice.


4) Use Links and Backlinks to Increase Traffic.




Let's not forget our long term goal whilst learning to create great article content: Optimizing the Digital Marketing Campaign for your business. To have an effective article marketing campaign, make sure to add as many relevant links and backlinks to ALL your articles, as much as possible. Add relevant links to any other associated articles, your main website, any event page you may be having etc. Use links effectively, and watch your online traffic increase! Never feel conscious while adding links to any of your other work- if you've already written a great article, your readers will automatically want to know more about you!


5) Publishing on the Internet.




Digital Marketing was your original goal, right? Well, in order to do that, you must get your ideas and services out to the whole world. Any article you've written regarding your business must be published on the Web, in order to really increase your publicity and gain followers. There are various article submission sites you can use online. A few good ones are or .You can also publish on blogs. Blogs are a great tool in today’s age of technology and allows you to really increase your accessibility. Head over to WordPress now and start creating your blog and posting articles there for all your customers to follow! If you are looking to set up your WordPress and make the most out of the features it offers, you should look up Natalie Minh Interactive, an Internet Creative Agency offering comprehensive solutions in the area of digital business.


Now, that you are ready to break into the world of Online Article Marketing, start slow and steady, but don't keep the enthusiasm in check! Blogging takes time to perfect, but an enthusiastic, genuine and knowledgeable business owner trying to communicate with the world is well appreciated as well! Keep writing articles and increase your exposure, one day at a time!


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