5 Ways to Use Facebook for Marketing

Whether you're a small home-grown business, or a huge powerful corporation, you will find that Facebook is a powerful marketing agent. Facebook is a great platform through which you can keep you clients updated, widen your reach and also create a brand identity.


Here are 5 ways you can use your Facebook account for your Marketing Campaign :


1) Facebook Adverts.


FB classic Ads


Facebook offers you the powerful and unique option of targeted advertising. You can create your advertisements based on your business goals and optimize your marketing by reaching the perfect people for you. Whilst making your advert, you can choose the traits you want in the audience you will be viewing your posts. You can reach your audience by


  • Location
  • Age, Gender(Demographics)
  • Hobbies, Activities, Interests
  • History of purchasing preferences

Getting to choose your audience with so much specificity and accuracy is what makes Facebook Adverts essential for your Marketing Strategy. Learn more and Create your own Advert here.


2) Facebook Promoted Posts.




Facebook promoted posts are an option offered to you by Facebook which lets you pay a certain amount to ensure that your post/advertisement/offer is seen by a prefixed number of people. Given the regular clutter found these days on any Facebook homepage, chances of your client noticing your posts are bleak. This is where Promoted Posts come in with the guarantee that it will increase your chances of being noticed on a users news feed. Promoted Posts are easy to create- just click the required button below any of your page posts.


3) Sponsored Stories.


sponsored stories


Sponsored Stories are a type of Facebook advertisement that shows a user interaction to the users friends. Now, you may be thinking that this doesn't really matter in an advertisement campaign- but you are forgetting something- the power of “word of mouth”. Sponsored Stories work on this age old marketing concept. If any random user notices that four friends are liking or following a certain page, he or she is more likely to pay attention to the same page. Remember that sponsored stories are the only form of advertisement available on mobile devices.


4) Facebook Exchange.




Facebook Exchange(FBX) was developed by Facebook to allow ad retargeting through real time tracking. FBX allows you to target audiences based on real web history data. When a user visits any product page on a sellers website, the retailer can then display an ad for that same product on Facebook via FBX, irrespective of whether the customer had purchased anything or not. FBX is a relatively new concept, but is fast on its way to become THE new age platform for digital advertising.


5) Facebook Contests.



Everybody likes to win something right? It's even better if they get a prize out of it! Use  this psychology as a marketing strategy to spread awareness and increase your fans. While conducting a contest/sweepstake/promotion through Facebook, you should know that the contest itself can't be hosted through Facebook. You must use a third party application to CREATE your own contest, and then direct users to the app VIA Facebook. There are plenty of options available which can help you create your own contest. Shortstack offers a number of free contest templates, as long as you page has a certain amount of likes.




When utilized in the correct way, Facebook can be a powerful tool in your Marketing Strategy. With a record figure of 1.65 BILLION monthly users, Facebook gives you access to every one of these potential clients. Create your Facebook Marketing Strategy well, and you'll find yourself a big loyal base of followers and fans.



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