5 Essential Digital Marketing Tools For 2017-18


According to perhaps the most renowned evolutionary biologist, Charles Darwin, survival of any species is primarily dependent on one very important factor – Adaptability. Well, it isn’t just biological species which are evolving and changing everyday. Technology is progressing and changing at unbelievable speed and we must keep up with all the variations, in order to use technology to it’s fullest potential.

As a Fitness Entrepreneur, you are probably dependent heavily on the Internet for Branding, Marketing, Sales and many more aspects of your business, and it is specially important for you to keep abreast with every little change which may influence the Internet, and thus, directly influence your customer pool.

Being a modern-day marketer, you must be extremely agile and flexible. In order to attain the desired characteristics, it is necessary to use several neo-marketing concepts such as Analytics, Influencer Marketing, Content Research and Business Automation. There are already some great softwares and online platforms/tools created exactly for this purpose- to make your life easier and boost your online marketing game into the major leagues.

Here are 5 key digital marketing tools you can use to achieve all your online fitness business goals in 2017:



Social Mention Front Page

Social Mention is one of the best tools you can use to track online trends and research your digital market. Knowing what is trending helps you optimize your branding and marketing strategies to achieve the highest results. The platform is super easy to use- just type in the name and click Search to find the links you are searching for. This digital resource allows you to sort your results by source or by time.

You can also use Social Mention to specifically track all online mentions of your brand or company. This will give you a good estimation of your online presence and brand strength. You can use this platform to examine which keywords, hashtags and content have achieved most popularity, and use this data to enhance your online promotion strategy.

If you’re not happy with the results Social Mention provides regarding your online presence, you should make use of our 5 Hacks To Build Brand Awareness.


2) MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar Banner

MeetEdgar is THE tool you want to use for automating your Social Media Posting Process. Being a digital brand means the largest and only platform you will ever need for promotions and advertisements is the Internet, and there’s no better place to find an audience than social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Regular and attractive posts in these networks are key to you generating sales and new followers, but mechanically posting updates to all your profiles, across all the different social networks can be a tedious process, which may be prone to plenty of errors. This is where Edgar swoops in to save the day.

MeetEdgar completely automates the social media posting process by scheduling content well in advance. All you need to do is create a library of content you want to be shared across your profiles, link all the profiles you want to post in, and set up a customizable schedule for when and how often you want your posts to be shared. Everything else is done by Edgar. The software selects which posts to share depending on past history, performance of posts based on likes and shares generated and faithfully updates all your social networks on time and error free!

Pro Tip: You shouldn’t use MeetEdgar exclusively, though. If you really want to enhance your social media presence, you should also engage in real-time, organic posting, especially by interacting with your fans and audience.


3) Google Analytics

Google Analytics Meme

When you are an Online Fitness Entrepreneur you really need to keep track of how well your digital activity is converting into actual sales. Conversion rate is a number you will always want to keep in your head, and in order to really figure it out, you need a lot of data. Google Analytics helps with this.

Google Analytics can help you collect data regarding your company/brand by recording bounce rates, conversion rate and leads generated. It can also tell you from where you get maximum customers/followers. Consequently, it helps you gain a full understanding of your target audience—what people like, dislike, how they interact with your website and so on.

If you want to stay on top with Google and get the most out of this search engine, you should keep your websites updated with it’s latest algorithms. Read about Crucial Changes Your Website Needs for Google Optimization in 2017.


4) MailChimp

MailChimp icon banner

MailChimp is a web-based email marketing tool which you must use if you want to start and maintain an Email Marketing campaign. The benefits of a strong Email/Newsletter campaign are too many to be mentioned here, but if you are looking to set out and generate new followers and improve sales, you should read our article on 5 Quick Fixes You Should Make To Make Your Email Marketing Campaign Come Back To Life.

MailChimp offers tonnes of benefits for Email Marketing, ranging from professional level designing to email tracking analytics. It offers many templates too, so you know you won’t need to waste too much time learning how to format and design the perfect email.

MailChimp allows you to segregate your mailing list into different categories, import old mailing lists and is well integrated with your social networks. You can create sign-up forms to add to your website using this platform, and also track clicks and conversions. MailChimp is a highly recommended tool for any company/brand looking to have a solid Email Marketing campaign, and best of all- it is free to use forever, as long as you have less than 2,000 subscribers. If you have larger mailing lists, the monthly pricing is fair and definitely worth the investment.


5) Feedly

Feedly Poster

Feedly is the tool to use if you are looking for the hottest and most popular content trends in your market. Coming up with fresh ideas for your blog or website is no easy task, but Feedly is a great tool you can use to always stay updated and ahead of the curve.

Feedly allows you to pre-select the different topics you are interested in, and then sorts all the relevant posts by popularity. You can find the posts with the most shares and highest engagement at the click of the button.

Using Feedly, you stay on top of the trending topics in your market and always deliver great and fresh content that your audience loves!


What did you think about these platforms and tools? If you’ve used them before and have other suggestions, do recommend them to us!

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