The 5 WHYs of Becoming A Fitness Entrepreneur





ENTREPRENEUR- “A person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.”


We, as Fitness Entrepreneurs, not only are defined by the thrill and passion for entrepreneurship, we also share the following ethos: to possess immense courage, to spread health awareness, to make the world a healthier place, seeking a perfect freedom business model which allows our dreams to grow and flourish, a large quantity of self confidence, a keen business-oriented mind to make strategic decisions and last, but not the least, great determination – all of this while still aiming to gain market authority and profits.


Well, here are 5 simple reasons that fuel our WHY into this passion business lifestyle:


1) Limitless Financial Possibilities.
No matter what you were earning from your job, your earning potential was diminished, no matter how long you might have stayed and how enthusiastic you might have been about it. Of course, you were incentivized by raises and promotions- but you knew that those were never set in stone. If anything, they were exceptions, rare and not guaranteed. If you were able to take the leap and invest in yourself , you are self-motivated enough to build an efficient and profitable business model. Most entrepreneurs aren't happy with stagnancy and continue to strive to achieve growth. All these conditions contribute to limitless earning possibilities- and the beauty of it all is that now there is no dam, keeping your income regulated.


2) Leaving Something Behind.
They say that entrepreneurs work so hard that they are almost “married” to their work. Though this is an amusing euphemism, unfortunately, this is not necessarily true. Family is important to you, and nothing in the world will give you more satisfaction than watching your own children take charge of your dream business and work as passionately as you have done. What you started as a mission to achieve freedom may end up being a legacy you leave behind for your future generations- something you can be proud of.


3) You Control Your Own Destiny.
When you knew that you could be your own boss and you can call your own shots, a 9-to-5 job where you are at the mercy of your supervisor and the company you work for just didn't seem very lucrative any more, did it? It was a lot to sacrifice in exchange for a simple paycheck, and the hope for a post-retirement pension. Well, far away went those days of sacrifice and vain hope. You made your business your new pension plan and only you are in charge of your earnings. Your income and future pension plans were much too important to leave at the mercy of someone else.


4) Choice of an Ideal Location.
Hey, you're on own boss now. You got to decide whether you wanted to work from the comfort of your bed in your own apartment or whether you wanted a corner office on the highest floor of a high-rise. It was up to you to create a business model which would support you no matter where you were in the world. Using the modern day facilities easily made available to you, it was easy to now create a vast customer base and connect with people all around the world. Advertising your brand was never easier. There are roughly 2 billion people online daily. This statistic gave you 2 billion potential clients. With proper tutelage and optimal usage of modern day technology, it is possible to build a location independent and globally inter connected business model to reap enormous benefits.


5) Unlimited Freedom.
Time is the most important resource for any entrepreneur and it must be utilized judiciously. Being your own boss gave you the freedom to spend your time doing what was important to you. Entrepreneurship gave you the ability to manage your time and to find the perfect balance between your business and private life. Your life should merge seamlessly with your work and a delicate balance must always be maintained so as to achieve optimum results.


These are just 5 rudimentary reasons as to why you might have made the jump from a simple business man to a real entrepreneur. There was no guarantee that you would be the next Bill Gates, but what was guaranteed was a learning and rewarding experience which did take you a long way in self discovery. You probably were surprised to find parts of yourself which you never knew existed- and hey, with the proper tutelage and right guidance you might did just end up being the next big name in the fitness industry.


The world is waiting for you. You already invested in yourself. You may have already built a start up – now it’s time to build it into a legacy. We at concentrate on providing you with skills to excel in an extremely niche area – the highly rewarding and increasingly relevant fitness industry. The fitness business is very competitive and as the world gradually starts recognizing the importance of fitness, the number of opportunities to make it big in this industry keep increasing. The business administration principles molded specifically by our professional team of successful entrepreneurs for this area will enable you to make an immense impact on this thriving industry and flourish in it.


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