Fitness Shows: Frustration Made Me Unwise

Outside our more focal points toward the BUSINESS of fitness, another change (this being more with me) that the Guild has made is rapport with fit events. Specifically, I am speaking of the physique events. For a while, there was a negative tone to them from our camp. That tone birthed from the frustration both Clark and I would see, day after day, month after month, and year after year from various competitors spending their hard earned money and sweat equity for a desired goal that would not come to pass.


emily van giezen - kristi szudlo


Never were we looking to discourage anyone's dreams. It was the history of viewing multiple failures that created a tone that did come across negative. Positive people have a tendency to avoid those sources when that occurs. That would explain a drop in attendance from that particular group.


ari hernandez ari hernandez stephanie rush


Thanks to Natalie, who herself was a competitor for years, I now understand a variety of viewpoints for the individual's reason for competing. Some do it for fun. It is a stress reliever and hobby, plain and simple. Others hope to have the opportunity to make a career from the work put into their training. There is a way to do that. However, it is a different skill set that is done in conjunction with the physical effort.


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For those looking to create or grow a career in health and fitness from their efforts in these kind of endeavors, there is a way to do so. We are here to help teach you some ways you can create it. A special “Competitor's Code” will be sent tonight and valid for 24 hours. For those I personally may have come across as shunning or insulting to your endeavors, I apologize. The CEO of FMI Guild has been excellent at allowing me to see a very different perspective for those endeavors. If you allow us, we can help you with the business end for the activities in that area.

NOTE: All pictures posted in this blog entry are from FMI Alumni (Teri Crenshaw, Ari Hernandez, Hillary Jones, Stephanie Rush, Kristi Szudlo, and Emily Van Giezen) that participated or competed in the WBFF World Championships (August 15-16, 2014).     ‬

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