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The Key To Perfect Social Media Marketing

social media over reaction

Social networks are a dangerous place to make a mistake- a simple mistake is remembered and reminded for all time to come! In such a high pressure environment, it's best to be prepared, and below are three quick tips you can use right NOW to always have an awesome social media presence and rake in the followers! 1) Picky Picky Quality beats quantity any day when it comes to social media. Quality c ...[Read More]

Fitness MBA Summit X Presenters: WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!?

We are almost 2 months away from the big event and we're so excited to be in Oklahoma to meet you! The Fitness MBA Summit 2018 (aka the 10th Anniversary) will be held from August 24-25 in Moore, Oklahoma.  14 ISSA / 1.4 NSCA CEUs   WHY SHOULD YOU BE EXCITED? When is the last time you seen this kind of ensemble come to the middle of the country? These people are PASSIONATE about fitness. Furth ...[Read More]

2018 Fitness MBA Summit – Who’s Attending So Far?

2018 Fitness MBA Summit

I wanted to reintroduce myself, Gary Augustine Warren, Director of the Fitness MBA Summit this August 24-25. If you are local, you may have caught my presentation at the NSCA OK Fall Clinic in 2017. I have a quote from, Jason West, NSCA OK Director below. As a fitness professional attending the conference, you receive plenty of information on the newest research findings or the current clinial pra ...[Read More]

3 Tips for the Perfect Business

3 Tips for the Perfect Business

● Pitch It This may sound weird because usually a sales pitch is done AFTER finalizing the plan, but this is one of the biggest hacks to shorten your business plan development time. Create a one page pitch (it should take you 30 minutes) and you’ll have a better idea of how you need to need forward to meet your requirements. This will help you better understand how to frame your business plan. A o ...[Read More]