Fitness MBA Summit X Presenters: WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!?

We are almost 2 months away from the big event and we're so excited to be in Oklahoma to meet you! The Fitness MBA Summit 2018 (aka the 10th Anniversary) will be held from August 24-25 in Moore, Oklahoma.  14 ISSA / 1.4 NSCA CEUs



When is the last time you seen this kind of ensemble come to the middle of the country?
These people are PASSIONATE about fitness. Furthermore, they LOVE research, knowledge, and turning them into making $$$$ (ethically).

2 words come to mind, “WOO” and “HOO!”

“These People” are the presenters of the 10th Anniversary Fitness MBA Summit.


Fitness MBA Summit X Presenters

Fitness MBA Summit X Presenters

Timothy Baghurst, PhD 
GOAT Sports Performance

Oklahoma State University

In 2017, Dr. Baghurst developed one of the first bachelor degrees in Sports & Coaching Science in the country. Tim now serves as the Director of Sports & Coaching Science at Oklahoma State University. In addition, Dr. Baghurst has Greatest of All Time (GOAT) Sports Performance consulting services for athletes, business professionals, and coaches.

His main research interests include:
– Modeling fitness/health in health and fitness professions
– Male body image
– Coaching and ethics

For several years Tim has been researching muscle dysmorphia, male body image, and now focuses much of his efforts on how body image impacts learning and other variables in the health and kinesiology fields.


Fitness MBA Summit X Presenters

Michael Brickhill, JD
General Practice Attorney
Fairfax, VA

Michael is a general law practicing attorney with an emphasis on domestic relations, civil litigation, corporate law, estate planning and real estate. He serves in the greater Lynchburg, Virginia area. A Juris Doctor graduate from the University of Virginia Law School, Michael is also a passionate fitness enthusiast.



Fitness MBA Summit X Presenters

Teri Crenshaw
Owner, Teri Fit
Phoenix, AZ

Teri has owned her own training studio and operates her own fitness event preparation coaching service. Since late 2015 Teri has added Digital Marketing Specialist on the resume. Her specialties include, Digital and Paid Search Strategies and Implementation, Management of Facebook and AdWords ad campaigns, Building sales funnels, and Create Marketing automation via Infusionsoft and ConvertKit, as well as WordPress Website Developments and SEO. She is a life long athlete as well as a Fitness Universe and WBFF Bikini Model Pro. Teri currently serves as the Director of Operations at Fastturtle Digital Marketing Solutions in Scottsdale, AZ. Teri earned her Bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology at the University of Wyoming. Her fitness field certifications come from the NSCA (CSCS), ISSA (CFT), and ISSN (CISSN).


Fitness MBA Summit X Presenters

Joe DeAntonis
Co-Owner, Educational Director, Trainer
MÜV Integrated Physical Culture
Pittsburgh, PA

Over the past 20 plus years Joe has taught hundreds of workshops to thousands of student helping them to understand human function and adaptation on a new level. He has studied at multiple universities to study engineering, sports medicine and exercise science as well as trained through the best organizations to learn about resistance training and movement therapy. He has worked with hundreds of clients helping them achieve new levels of function and a better quality of life. Most notably, Joe was instrumental in the comeback of UFC Fighter, George St Pierre.


Fitness MBA Summit X Presenters

Camy Kennedy
Owner, Camy Kennedy Fitness
Raleigh, NC

Camy is a Diet Recovery Expert, Fitness Coach, Writer, and Network Marketing Pro integrating Fitness & Faith into her lifestyle programs and confidence coaching. As a recovering perfectionist, a born-again morning person, tom-boy and #rulebreakerforlife, Camy helps women on their health journeys by releasing them from expectations of perfection and allowing them to embrace a non-dieting lifestyle. She uses her experience with extreme dieting, body image issues and negative self talk to coach women through their transformations by giving them what they think they want, and guiding them towards what they really need.


Fitness MBA Summit X Presenters

Natalie Minh
CEO, FMI® Guild
Los Angeles, CA

Natalie Minh, MBA, MS Finance, is an internationally published fitness photographer, business consultant, and author. As a fitness modeling industry expert, she is a 3x European Physique Champion, preferred photographer for a number of top Los Angeles modeling agencies, CEO of the FMI® Guild – the only accredited Fitness Entertainment Industry educational conference in the world, and author of “The Insider’s Guide to the Business of Fitness Modeling“, which has been featured on the NYC Times Square billboard, Yahoo News, and numerous other mainstream news sources. Natalie serves as a technical partner to her clients through Natalie Minh Interactive, a full-service website development, graphic design photography, video, and marketing consulting company.

Due to her broad expertise as a fitness entertainment industry professional, Natalie has been recruited as a celebrity judge for Bikini Universe, Global Physique and Operation productions and shares wisdom via Natalie Minh Lifestyle Magazine, an online destination for fitness, diet, photography, modeling, music, and travel.


Fitness MBA Summit X Presenters

Jeff Pace
General Manager of Sports Performance and Health Services
Titan Sports
Tulsa, OK

Coach Pace received a full scholarship to play basketball for St. Gregory’s University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. He has been working as an active strength and conditioning specialist since 1998 and has been certified with National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) since 2002. He serves as a member of the NSCA Oklahoma Advisory Board and holds certifications as a sports nutritionist through the International Sports Science Association, certified C360 master trainer, and a certified USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sport Performance Coach. Coach Pace is the General Manager of Sports Performance and Health Services at Titan Sports and Performance Center, the largest private sports complex in the state of Oklahoma.


Fitness MBA Summit X Presenters

Brad Thorpe
Inventor and Owner, Isophit
Co-Owner, Striation 6 Fitness
Toronto, Canada

Recognized as one of the world's leading experts in isometric-based strength training and exercise Brad Thorpe and his multi-patented isometric strength training platform Isophit™ are changing the way the people approach, and, participate in exercise. With over 23 years of experience in the exercise industry, Brad has owned and operated Striation 6 Exercise and Performance Centre for 11 years, been the Keynote Speaker at the Toronto Blue Jays Annual Spring meeting, consulted for the University of Toronto’s Department of Family & Community Medicine, The Stop Concussions Foundation, Volleyball Canada’s Centre of Excellence, Hockey Canada’s Program of Excellence, Pakmen Volleyball Clubs, Spot 6 Model Management, International Sports Science Association, FMI Guild and a number of other leading businesses and media publications.


Fitness MBA Summit X Presenters

Chris Vercelli
Owner, Non-Fiction Fitness
Sarasota, FL

Chris has spent the last 8 years investing hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars learning, applying, testing, and refining direct marketing strategies for his businesses. This allowed him to go from a dead broke muscle and exercise specialist struggling to get clients, to being top 3% of U.S. income earners with only a solo practice. He is a sought after business and marketing consultant and has taught his most successful strategy using seminars to gain credibility and get new clients on demand – to students nationally and internationally. He is also a continuing education provider to the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).


Fitness MBA Summit X Presenters

Gary Augustine Warren
Co-Founder, Executive Director, FMI® Guild
Owner, Sweat Is Free Wellness
Norman, OK

Coming from a sports and fitness training background, Gary was introduced into the fitness competition scene in 2003. Shortly after, he became involved in fitness and sports event promotions and project management. In 2006, he co-founded and acts as CEO for the fitness-sports and wellness production company, Fitness and Sports Network, LLC (FAS-NET).

With the company’s initial production beginning as a fitness competition endeavor, it evolved into a career development non-profit organization known as FMI® Guild. Gary serves as the executive director for the FMI® Guild and owns Sweat Is Free Wellness based in Norman, OK.


Fitness MBA Summit X Presenters

Michael Waters
Founder, Head Performance Trainer
Phase 1 Sports
Las Vegas, NV

Michael Waters built a name in the sports industry by combining exceptional skills in entrepreneurship, performance training, and marketing. His leadership has played a major role in the success of hundreds of athletes. As the founder and owner of Phase 1 Sports Training facility (Las Vegas), he has created a system that has proven to be successful.

Michael was named the Nevada Microenterprise Initiative Business Person of the Year. He is also an active participant in the Clark County School District PAYBAC, and Stay in School Mentoring Project. He is also very active with Fellowship of Christian Athletes and a number of other charitable organizations. Michael is a certified personal trainer and performance enhancement specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).


Fitness MBA Summit X Presenters

Jhonphilipp Yonan
Co-Owner, Resistance Training Specialist, Trainer
MÜV Integrated Physical Culture
Pittsburgh, PA

Jhonphilipp has been lucky to be surrounded by many intelligent and progressive professionals throughout my time in the fitness and martial arts industry. They inspired him to constantly question what is being dictated by the industry. They encouraged him to analyze every movement, its effect on the kinetic chain and to engage and inspire every individual he comes in contact with throughout his career. Generally, we all have two arms and two legs and three energy systems we should tax based on our goals. He tends to steer away from mindless systems and trends. As a trainer, the experience he provides for each client should be in depth and mindful every time to challenge them accordingly. What we trainers/consultants do is invasive to the body and we should be aware of how we apply forces to every single joint and muscle. Jhonphilipp posses certifications from NASM, Natural Trainer, and the Academy of Personal Protection.

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