2018 Fitness MBA Summit – Who’s Attending So Far?

I wanted to reintroduce myself, Gary Augustine Warren, Director of the Fitness MBA Summit this August 24-25. If you are local, you may have caught my presentation at the NSCA OK Fall Clinic in 2017.

I have a quote from, Jason West, NSCA OK Director below.

As a fitness professional attending the conference, you receive plenty of information on the newest research findings or the current clinial practices, which really help us stay up to date as busy working professionals, but we rarely hear about the current trends affecting the business components of the trade. When you attend a presentation with Gary he provides you with the current information regarding marketing, copyrights, trademarks, patents, logos, slogans, etc. This can really, positively affect your profit margins in your business, so don't miss an opportunity to learn from Gary about how to better run your business!

Jason West
NSCA OK Director

If you cannot make the NSCA National Conference in Indianapolis next month, here is an event that can offer ALMOST as many CEUs here in the region.


CEUs with LUNCH?!?


2018 Fitness MBA Summit CEUs with Lunch


Lunch at the conference is labeled as, “Advisory Board with Lunch“.  You may view the schedule at

Advisory Board with Lunch is 1-contact hour (1 or 0.1 CEU) networking session with lunch. Attendees have an hour to network with the presenters of the Summit.

To help prevent anyone from leaving the event venue, we have a local catering company will be serving pre-paid lunch in buffet style. It is a pre-pay option available for attendees. You can have a catered lunch for 2 days for as little as $15 USD!

LUNCH COMES TO YOU and you will also receive CEUs for speaking to the presenters!

Menu options will be provided for you to select your choices on in July. Vegan options will be available.


2018 Fitness MBA Summit – Who's Attending So Far?

Jason West
Jack Carter, CSCS,*D, CPT,*D
Jenevieve Roper, PhD 

Manuel Alverez
Omari Bernard, CSCS
Don Borgal, CPT
Jonah Brooks, LMT
Chady Dunmore
Pedro DeLeon
Mike Fox, DDS
Lacey Gamble, CSCS
Glenn Haugk, RTSm
Gina Hoegh, CPT
William Lockley, CSCS
Stephanie Malone, CSCS
Kristin Marieah, CPT
Rick Merriam, LMT
Amanda McMurtrey
Janessa Mondestin, CSCS
Marvel Montessero, CPT
Clayton Nass, CPT
Jeff Pace, CSCS
Karen Pang, CFT
Trey Powell, CSCS
Kristen Salomon, LMT
Emily Todd
Gerald Welch, CPT
Redmann Wright, CFT

NSCA OK Director
Former NSCA OK Director
Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles) 

Detroit, MI
Miami, FL
Houston, TX
Houston, TX
Sacramento, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Tulsa, OK
Dallas, TX
Detroit, MI
Dallas, TX
Tulsa, OK
Los Angeles, CA
Enid, OK
Houston, TX
Baltimore, MD
San Antonio, TX



I look forward to hosting and interacting with you in August!

Fitness MBA Summit: Innovations in Business, Exercise Science, & Technology

Register Today! 

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