It’s Not About YOU – 3 Hacks for Building Your Client Base

3 Hacks For Building Your Brand's Story

By Teri Crenshaw
FYI: Your story isn’t about you…

Most fitness entrepreneurs think that the story they should tell us about how they started, the obstacles they’ve overcome or victories they have had that make them the best or better than their competitors. (Cue the #flexfriday selfie)

That’s the wrong story.

Spoiler alert! Your clients don’t care.

Your ideal clients are looking for a solution. They have a problem to solve.
Guess what? If your digital marketing has a clear message about how you solve their problem, they will pick you!

That’s where building your story begins.

Attracting your perfect clients means inviting them into a story where your brand solves their problem. Here are three ways you can do exactly that:


3 Hacks for Building Your Client Base


Talk about transformation
On your website and in all of your marketing collateral ie. social media posts and ads, email marketing, live videos etc., speak to the transformation that your client will have by working with you. This doesn’t mean just telling them that you can help them lose weight or be a better athlete. Instead, think about who they aspire to become and what internal problem they will have to overcome to get there. Your brand’s story begins with how you can solve that problem.


Position yourself as the guide…not the hero
Your potential clients aren’t looking for a hero, (hint: they see themselves as the hero in the story) they are looking for a guide. Your brand’s story tells them how you will guide them to solve their problem and win the day. Understanding this paradigm shift is essential to your digital marketing success.


Make sure your website passes the “Grunt Test”. Tell your visual story in 5 seconds.
Here’s an exercise to find out if it does: Find a stranger (or even a friend) and show them the home page of your website for 5 seconds. Then ask them if they can answer these three questions:

1. What product or service is offered through the website?
2. How will it transform them if they purchase it?
3. How do they get it?

*Grunt test: If a caveman saw your website for 5 seconds he should be able to “grunt out” the answers to those three questions.

If your website doesn’t pass the grunt test, you need to clarify the message you are sending and the story your brand is telling.


Teri Crenshaw It’s Not About YOU - 3 Hacks for Building Your Client Base


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