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Croton Watch Company joins FMI in honoring fitness talent at this years FMI Conference in Redondo Beach.

If recognition wasn't enough the owners of FMI have sweetened  the deal at this years FMI conference by teaming up with the world renowned Croton Watch Company of NYC who has graciously donated two of their elegant time pieces in an effort to help honor the FMI Model Of The Year.

This award has been given to past winner Chady Dunmore and was created by Clark Bartram and Gary Augustine Warren of FMI to recognize the hard work and effort of those who have attended FMI conferences the year prior.

“We chose to do this because we felt is was important to honor the people we saw who were really making a consistent effort to advance in the fitness entertainment industry. There are so many who expect results to magically happen just because they look good, but unfortunately it doesn't work that way, so we single out the ones who put what we teach them to use,” says Clark co-founder of FMI.

“FMI is dedicated to nurturing up and coming talent in the fitness and entertainment business, however we are not an agency or management group.The focus of what we do is to to help educate, steer and motivate those who attend our bi-annual seminars we hold in Scottsdale and Los Angeles. We appreciate when the talent keeps us posted on their progress and it's especially encouraging when they give us credit for landing a gig,” says FMI's other co-founder Gary Augustine Warren.

If you are interested in attending an event to learn how you too can becoming a working fitness talent be sure to check out

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