Final Spring Conference

FMI Spring 2013 To Be FINAL Spring (Live) Event

The FMI Spring 2013 - The FINAL Spring Conference
The FMI Spring 2013 – The FINAL Spring Conference


There is saying, “All good things come to an end.”  That does hold true for our Spring Live Events effective this year.  As the FMI production has grown,   we have had the opportunity to learn quite a bit from our clients.  In that feedback we have learned that there is more education needed than what a few days at a conference format can provide.  Ultimately, we want to see our clients be business ready for whatever endeavor they are pursuing.  In order to do that more effeciently, we have decided to pursue more online endeavors (such as and hold 1 live event annually after 2013.  That sole event will be our annual Los Angeles Conference every third week of October.  The FMI Spring 2013 Conference in Las Veags will be our final (live/on-site) Spring event (April 12-14, 2013).


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(Who will be the next set of FMI Alumni to inspire others?)  



With the 2013 edition of the Spring Conference now being our last, we want as many people who can attend, to do so.  This will be the 4th edition of the Spring Conference.  To celebrate it, we are offering 4 different price points as we countdown to showtime.  These prices reflect the “photography” & “public speaking” registration types for the Spring Conference,

Feb 20 – Feb 24          $199 USD

Feb 25 – Mar 3            $229 USD

Mar 4 – Mar 24           $299 USD

Mar 25 – Apr 12          $349 USD

For more details about the conference please visit RegOnline & our description here on the site FMI Spring 2013.



Who will be the Anniversary MOTM?

Don't forget, as a bonus to registering for the FINAL Spring Conference, one automatically registers for The FMI “Anniversary” Model Search (if they choose to participate).


Wishing you success in all your fitness, wellness, and sports endeavors!

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