FMI Elite of the Month – Jay Campbell and Monica Diaz

FMI Elite of the Month Jay and Monica

Jay was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and the oldest children of 9, while Monica was born third of 4 children in Glendale, CA. Both grew up in a strong traditional Catholic families where the father wasn’t around much due to work/life commitments. Jay graduated from Georgia South Western University and was a scholarship basketball player. Monica graduated from Bishop Amat HS and started working in Real Estate as a Certified Residential Appraiser soon after. Jay was a former Fashion and Fitness Model in his 20’s but made his bones as a digital marketing sales and strategy expert. Monica had 3 kids, (19 Evan), (16 Ezra) and (12 Alana) and focused much of her time raising her kids. During this time Monica had to step up to the plate and become the main provider for her family. She then went into Real Estate Sales full time at about 32 years of age. Jay and Monica met on in August of 2012. They decided to work together in October of 2012 and their amazing story began. Monica is now also mother to two bonus children (Jay’s biologicals)Alexandra 7 and Gabriella 5.

Jay and Monica own and operate The Monica Diaz Team, a 25 Million + Residential Real Estate Production Team. They are one of Keller Williams Mega Agents and are in NAHREP Top 250 Agents in North America.


Their current projects on Fitness, Anti Aging, and Life Extension includes:
Fab Fit Over 40, a Blog for Fitness, Fat Loss and Personal Success
THE Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual, Jay’s book on Testosterone Replacement Therapy
– SOAR Seminars LLC or Serious Optimal Anti-Aging Regimen, a medically-based seminar on anti-aging through cutting-edge modalities including nutritional optimization/supplementation, proper strength training practices and hormonal optimization
Health and Vitality Secrets for the Busy Professional, a twice a month Google Hangout which provides a live interactive forum for folks interested in talking to supremely knowledgeable Doctors and Monica and Jay about Health, Fitness, Fat Loss, Hormonal Optimization etc.
– Anti Aging Specialists for Iron Man Magazine, writing a monthly column for Iron Man Magazine on Anti Aging with Dr Osborn
– Co-Authoring GET SERIOUS V2-Advanced Strategies with Dr Brett Osborn and others due to be out early 2016.


How did you get started with Fab Fit Over 40 and what made you venture to build a website on fitness, anti-aging, and life extension?

Jay: Monica and I started the site at the end of January 2014. When Monica and I first started dating in August of 2012 we both had similar ideas about creating content for people in their 40’s who wanted to promote the merits of living better, stronger and healthier as they aged.  Finally after purchasing our url and creating a Facebook Page a year before, we pulled the trigger and bought a WP Theme in December of 2013 and then launched at the end of January the following year.

Monica: We have noticed (with desire and knowledge) you can truly improve who you are at any age.  There is a huge misconception about aging. Some people think their 20’s are the best years of your life.  Yet each part of your life can be the best with the proper tools, information and guidance. Our hope is to help people tap into the best part of themselves. People can have continual growth in all areas while improving as they age.


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What did you dream Fab Fit Over 40 would be when it started and what has it become today?

Jay: I honestly had HUGE VISIONS for it when we launched because I know the niche had legs (lots of breathing room) and that fitness trends for the Baby Boomer and Gen X generations was just starting to take off.  I had no idea in less than 15 months being live we’d become the #1 site on the web for a top 20 Google Search term ‘Fit over 40’. Still kinda mind blown we have the traffic and unique visitation we already have.  And we’re just beginning to explore monetization pathways with books, and other cool stuff.


Monica: We dreamed we would significantly impact the live’s of others, inspiring others to be the best version of themselves at any age.  Our goal was not to ever be one of those sites for “fad diets” or quick fix remedies/scams.  Our site has evolved into an all encompassing life manual on how to be the best YOU!  We now have information provided by guest authors who provide additional insights.  We now work with the best neurosurgeon/anti-aging doctor who provides our readership with leading edge information on anti-aging and fitness regimens.


What sets Fab Fit Over 40 apart from your competitors?

Jay: Obviously we’re biased but our ability to put out high quality content regularly.  There are FEW if any sites that are able to generate this kind of dynamic engaging content (on a wide variety of topics) 2-3x per week.  We also allow guest writers and contributors to frequently post on the site (as long as their story/article or viewpoint is worthy of publication). We are also huge on doing interviews with other Fitness Celebs or people with large audiences and client bases. Paying it forward in order to extend our brand/audience to people who would normally have never been able to find out about us.  I also think our strategy of writing, podcasting and doing hang outs gives people the opportunity to interact with us in the way they want to. Meaning some people like to read, some people like to listen and others watch thru  viewing live broadcasts.


Monica: Honestly, we don’t have any other competitors.  No one knows more about TRT or HRT then Jay and Dr. Osborn.  Jay is a master at transforming the human physique.  I bring my own authentic approach to the site by giving sound advice to help build a strong mindset and a life filled with gratitude.  Most people want to give quick fix tips or sell you on their products for financial gain.  Our goal is to provide real results for individuals looking to enhance their life.


You’re both part of The Monica Diaz Team. Can you tell us more about the progression of the business and how do you work together to grow the company?

Jay: This is our Bread and Butter financially (for now).  In 2013 and 2014 I worked like a mad man to build Monica’s brand and grow our team thru the improvement of processes.  The RE market is a constantly shifting ever changing landscape.  You have to take advantage of market timing when you can.  Now we’re undergoing a pretty seismic shift again as inventory is tightening and lending restrictions are changing. We have to change our business to take advantage of what the market is giving us. We have an awesome staff to which helps.


Monica: The Monica Diaz Team was a one woman show and has evolved into a group of individuals dedicated to helping others make solid choices with respect to buying or selling real estate.  Jay is an expert at digital marketing whereas my background has been in real estate for more than 25 years.  I have seen many changes in real estate.  Working with people and providing great service has been my goal and we continue to provide this to our clients as a team.


Jay you have a book on Testosterone Replacement Therapy called THE Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual. Can you tell us more about this?

This is my life’s passion and work.  As a nearly 15 year TRT patient, I can honestly say there are very few men who’ve been using Testosterone as long as I have productively and in the context of health and vitality.  The book is thoroughly researched and authoritatively cited so that both Doctor and patient will find it useful. It is written in a very common sense way so any man regardless of knowledge level will be able to read it and take the information and apply it to their life right away.  TRT is still an esoteric and niche topic for now. It is my belief, within 10 years it will be spoken about at every coffee shop and on every street corner by Men trying to remain masculine while at war with the environment. Along with Dr Brett Osborn, I believe he and I are truly ‘first in” in our approach to talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to explaining the value and role TRT plays in helping men age gracefully.  The book is something I’m extremely proud of- It has the potential to be a very powerful and influential force improving men’s health over the next decade.


Jay Campbell and Monica Diaz


You both host an interactive live forum via Google Hangout twice a month on Health and Vitality Secrets for the Busy Professional. How did this come into play and how has it helped your business?

Jay: Dr Osborn and I decided to take our message to the masses in November.  I asked Dr Leonard Farber to  join us and the rest they say is History.  Our show is really catching on because all of us play off each other via different personality styles and delivery approaches.  Dr Farber is very humble and a soft spoken yet brilliant physician.  Dr Osborn and I are the high energy guys who speak about science and endocrinology usually at a level way above everybody else.  Thankfully Monica and the shows host Scott Sillari bring us back down to earth and explain stuff in a way everybody understands.  We thoroughly enjoy discussing the various topics we present.  It has really helped us grow our brand especially globally because we always post the transcripts on our site within a couple of days.


Tell us about the SOAR project, I’ve been seeing it all over social media and it’s really picking up steam.

Jay: S.O.A.R. is something Dr Osborn, Monica  and the entire S.O.A.R. team ( former Navy SEAL Ray ‘Cash’ Care, NPC Bodybuilder Jim Brown, Olympic Track Competitor Melissa Hankins) are supremely proud of.  It’s truly the first of its kind as an Anti Aging Seminar offering 3 unforgettable days of high-octane training and “state-of-the-science”information sessions providing the ultimate body & mind overhaul. S.O.A.R stands for Serious Optimal Anti-Aging Regimen and is a unique medically-based seminar teaching men and women to slow the aging process through cutting-edge strategies including nutritional optimization/supplementation, proper strength training practices, navy SEAL mindset and hormonal optimization. Our newly coined mission statement is To empower individuals to be the BEST versions of themselves utilizing optimal Anti-Aging strategies.  Within the next week our sales page will be live and folks will be able to register directly. For anybody interested now, just email [email protected] The next S.O.A.R Seminar runs June 24th thru June 27th in Jupiter Beach Florida @The Jupiter Beach Spa and Resort.


Monica: We are all going to age, why not do it in the most optimal way?  I doubt anyone looks to grow old hunched over or losing their mental faculties.  We want to help people create their future rather than falling victim to their environment or circumstances.


Your list of careers includes being a real estate agent, digital/social media/marketing/sales architect, fitness and nutrition consultants, life coaches, fitness models and competitors. How do you manage to do all these and still have time to help others?
Monica Diaz

Jay: It is not easy.  HA.  Plus we have 3 girls we have to play Mom and Dad to on a daily basis.  12, 7 and 5.  The early bird truly catches the worm. Monica and I both live our lives by one mantra #constantandneverendingimprovement  In order to preserve such a lofty ideal, we just keep humping-and building networks. The only way any entrepreneur can thrive and prosper is to continue to build relationships and pay it forward whenever the opportunity presents itself. Both Monica and I also truly love helping people. Sometimes our greatest strength is also our greatest weakness in that we can’t say No to helping others when it interferes in our normal work day.


Monica: We love life and love helping others. We don’t work at life, we experience it.  We both are passionate about becoming better versions of ourselves and the best way to learn is to teach others.  We love to see people create amazing results in their life.


What can you advise to those who want to start to focus their dreams and pursue to build up their own brand?

Jay: Make sure you pick a topic you are passionate about if you are going to launch a blog or a product. You must also do everything in your power to establish yourself as a thought leader for your subject.  As the Navy SEALs hark, you MUST become an SME (Subject Matter Expert) on what you’re selling/promoting.  And then become the greatest global ambassador of your brand possible.  If you’re a fitness person, what is a better networking extension of your brand than yourself?  Meaning you better be in top shape year round. Monica and I even at 44 and 43 maintain close to single digit body fat %’s year round. Nobody is saying you have to live that extreme (we enjoy maintaining awesome condition) but you better at least look tone/in shape in clothes when presenting yourself to others whether in person or online.  As they say image is everything.  The main difference today for people who separate themselves from the pack when building a brand is they are prolific content creation machines. They live, breathe and eat content generation.  Every day they write blogs, social media posts, tweets etc defining themselves and their brands. It’s the only way to build an audience and stand out from the millions of people screaming from every Facebook Page around the world. I would also tell you to understand what your most impressive trait is related to your brand-product or content and promote the living hell out of it.


Monica: Believe you can accomplish your dreams.  I suggest people to first find your passion and build from there.  Who do you need to be to create the life you desire?  How do you want to represent yourself?  How do you want others to see you?


If you were to explain FMI to someone who could benefit from it, how would you describe FMI and what it did for you?

Jay: FMI is the future of Fitness in relation to building a successful and marketable online brand.  The old days of shaking hands and meeting people at EXPO’s is over.  You have to have a significant Digital Presence.  If you don’t, there is just no way to attain the visibility (think unique visitors who will buy or consume what you’re providing whether it be products or information)without having a significant digital footprint found online.  Through FMI (Natalie and her network/IT architects) we were able to rebuild/design a brand new website for The Monica Diaz Team.   I am sure once we’re ready we’ll do the same thing for as well.


Monica: FMI is education for the fitness professional.  Life is constant school.  If fitness is your passion then why not learn from the best.  FMI incorporates the best in the industry willing to share their own secrets and climb on the shoulders of giants.


Jay Campbell and  Monica Diaz


Can you give us your top 5 best tips when it comes to building your own brand?

Jay: Great question.  1) Be personable always.  Everybody you meet is a potential client or networking connection.
2) Constantly seek ways to develop and deliver great content.  If you are a writer (blogger) make sure and give credit to other blogs/sites with excellent content thru the process of
3) Deep Linking.  Remember, in life you get what you attract.
4) Build up your reputation as someone who has integrity and who wants to add to the conversation rather than copying people.
5) Linking and referring to other like minded individuals will grow your brand and allow you to build an amazing network of readers. These folks are likely going to be people who share your core values and ultimately become your raving fans.


Monica: 1.  Be you. Don't attempt to be someone you aren't. You can have a mentor and attempt to emulate them however remember who you truly are.
2.  Use “failures”. as stepping stones. Remember attitude in any business is crucially important. If your attitude is “this sucks” then it will be more difficult to overcome downfalls. If your attitude is one of “wow!  I wonder where this will lead me or how this will transpire into something awesome?” Then your results and attitude will be more rewarding
3.  Remember the best way to approach any endeavor is to come up with the best solution for people. How can I truly help and come from a place of contribution. How can I make the best difference to the most people in the most efficient way?
4. Be honest with yourself and others. When you are transparent with yourself and others this allows you to set clear intentions and follow through.
5. Delegate. Know what you are good at and build on those skills. If you aren't good with financials then have a great accountant or assistant. If you aren't good at digital marketing then hire someone who is (they don't have to be expensive…hire a college intern or someone who is knowledgeable).


For future reference, how can clients contact you?

Lots of ways.  They can reach us via our Facebook Page –, via our Site –, or just email us
directly: [email protected] or [email protected]


Any shout outs?   

Jay: Shout outs to Monica Diaz the “Latina Fitness Diva” for being the most amazing woman a man could ever love! Shout outs to Dr Brett Osborn for allowing me to collaboratively merge our online brands so we could develop into the content generating powerhouse on Anti Aging, HRT/TRT and scientific strength training we are becoming.  Shout outs to Mike Cernovich at for teaching me how to write better for the search engines and minimize my scarcity mindset.  Mad love and props to Natalie Minh for believing in me/us for years and encouraging us to author amazing, engaging, thought provoking content.  Thank you to Binais Begovic and Cat Begovic the owners of Iron Man Magazine, BMR Sport Nutrition and Beauty by Dr Cat (her BH Plastic Surgery practice) for giving us a voice and ever expanding presence in their burgeoning Fitness/Marketing and Publishing empire.  Shout Outs to Dr Leonard Farber for being an incredible man and father. Shout Outs to Jim Brown for being an awesome mentor and friend.  Shout outs to the Cognoscente an amazing private Facebook group of powerful Men I network with.  Shout outs my beautiful baby girls Alexandra the Great and Gabriella aka Gabbalicious!


Monica: Shout outs to my husband Jay.  As I continue to say to others, “Everybody needs a Jay Campbell in their life”.  To my children Evan, Ezra and Alana.  I will always love you. And shout outs to my Dad for teaching me how to take ownership of my life.  Shout outs to my Mom for teaching me about perseverance.

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