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OAKVILLE, ONTARIO Inside Fitness Magazine, Canada’s #1 Selling Fitness Magazine, has elected to media sponsor, entertainment training production for athletes, Fitness and Sports Network’s FMI™. The FMI production’s function specifically, is to educate and prepare those from an athletic background for pursuits in either entrepreneurial and/or entertainment endeavors.

For all intents and purposes, FMI offers practical application for athletes to become educated and skilled in abilities needed to create a career in the field. Subject focus includes, but is not limited to, business and entertainment terminology and etiquette, intellectual property concepts (copyrights and trademarks), athletic modeling, writing, hosting, auditioning, voice over, and motion capture. In layman’s terms, the production assists attendees how to get published and create a career in some form of entertainment. This is achieved either through one-on-one coaching or better known through their live events.

FMI made their event debut in Canada when they hosted a one-day workshop in Toronto in 2010. The production returns in 2012 with a two-day workshop in Mississauga June 9-10, 2012. The official name of the is, “FMI Canada 2012″. On day one, presenter for the updated version include FMI Founders, Clark Bartram and Gary Augustine Warren, in addition to Celebrity Stylists, Lori Fabrizio and Valeria Nova.

The second day comprises of an activewear photo shoot and finishes with a question and answer (Q&A) segment. The photographer roster is comprised of 2 Canadian and 2 American photographers. Notable fitness photographer Lianna Louzan and fellow Canada, Mike Clarke, fill out half of the roster. From the U.S. side, FMI Canada 2012 will mark the Canadian debut of fitness photography fan favorite, Mike Byerly and stuntman-turned photographer, Nicholas J Verdi. Attendees choose 1 of the 4 photographers for their shoot that is included in the workshop’s model registration.

A talent Q&A panel comprised of various professionals of the industry completes the Greater Toronto Area event. The talent panel scheduled includes presenters Bartram, Fabrizio and Nova, along with photographer Mike Byerly, fitness personality, Nathane Jackson, and Inside Fitness Publisher and President, Terry Frendo. The talent panels’ purpose is to educate attendees about the industry from various perspectives of professionals currently working in it.

FMI Canada 2012 will be hosted at the Hotel Novotel Toronto Mississauga Centre, June 9-10, 2012. Additional events are held in Arizona and Los Angeles. To register or for more information, visit,


FMI was founded by fitness and health personality, Clark Bartram and Fitness and Sports Network CEO, Gary Augustine Warren. With over 100 magazine covers and 20 years of work experience in the health and fitness business, Bartram works in conjunction with Warren, a former fitness show promoter and acting executive director of the FMI production.

“How to get published is the easier part. That is not to say that getting published is easy. There is a measure of preparedness you need in order to finally receive that opportunity. My point is what you do with that opportunity if or when you’re published?” states Warren. “At FMI, we go beyond the initial excitement of the proverbial spotlight media can bring an individual. We want our attendees to think about how they can transfer their exposure opportunities into revenue generation. That is not the job of a show promoter or media. An individual must know how to maximize his/her opportunities on his/her own. That is why we created FMI. For now, no one else is going into this much depth to teach people how to do this.”

Those who have attended an event at FMI are known as, “Alumni”. Through their various events, there have been over 100 attendees at their events since 2008. Some of the most notable alumni from FMI are Basheerah Ahmad, Robyn Baldwin, Chady Dunmore, Chivon John, Sally Leung, and Rob Riches. The FMI Ambassador for Canada is Amber Dunford.

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