Maximize Your Potential

Making the most of your ISSA certification

While we all love the fact that we have the tools and proper education to help “create a stronger healthier world” I’m sure none of us would hesitate at the opportunity to make additional income as well.

All wealthy people will agree on one thing I believe, you must have MSI’s (Multiple Sources of Income) to really become wealthy in this day and age. Let’s face it, we can only train so many people, and if were trying to expand our PT business, it’s either impossible to find “employees” or your client want to train with you and you only.

They love you, your personality, your style of training, your friendship, your physique or whatever…bottom line is they don’t want to train with your trainee. In addition to that, anyone worth hiring is going to eventually figure out that they can do it on their own and make more money. I can’t blame them for that and I’m sure you wouldn’t either.

So, this is where our little dilemma comes in, how do we maximize our potential so we can make additional money as an ISSA Certified Trainer? Well, I plan to hopefully shed a little light on that subject both here and in a future project that were are creating here at ISSA.

I’ve been very fortunate, as a result of very hard work, to figure out many ways to increase my earning potential as a trainer, model, personality and ISSA Master of Fitness Sciences. My goal here is to share with you several ways that you can do the same.

First off I need to mention this…nobody can do the work but you. We can provide you all of the education, inspiration and direction but you must take ACTION. The difference between me and many other better looking and more fit people (who have never been on a cover or on their own television show) is that I continually take ACTION and always think of new ways to expand my brand.

That’s where we’ll start…Developing your brand. Let me give you a little back story. One day my son was on my web site and read the title, America’s Most Trusted Fitness Professional” and asked me this very pointed question. He said, “Daddy are you really America’s Most Trusted Fitness Professional”? “Yes”, I replied. “Why” “Because I said so”, was my definite response.

You see, I had a meeting with a marketing company and they said, what is unique about you? What sets you apart, how would you identify who you are in one word? “Trust” was my immediate answer. I didn’t hesitate one second because when I tell you I’m going to do something I do it. Period!

They said, “Okay now we have something to work with”, and we expanded it from there. Did I want to be Escondido’s Most Trusted Fitness Professional”? California’s? No, I wanted to eventually have a national and world wide impact.

You must be careful with this however. I had already been on television, worldwide, for three consecutive years, I had been on multiple covers worldwide, I trained hundreds of people and I was starting to get recognized worldwide and as far as I was concerned you could easily trust me and what I said, so my self proclaimed title was being earned, I didn’t just pull it out of a hat.

You need to take a few days and think of what makes you special, what sets you apart, what word best describes you? How can you become a brand? That is something only you can determine and maybe a few close friends and clients. Maybe you never create a title for yourself, but at least you’ll have some direction on how to start working on your MSI’s.

That is your homework for now, start thinking, taking notes, writing titles, tag lines, come up with a logo, define your business, start to separate yourself from the masses and create your special niche’.

It may take some time, some things will sound arrogant, maybe even a bit cocky but eventually something will stick and who knows…maybe someday soon one of your children will say, Mommy/Daddy, are you really the Richest Trainer in the World?

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