The Benefits to Attending FMI

As we began our transition from fitness show production to fitness entrepreneurship production, many perceptions formed.  At first, people thought we were purely about taking pictures.  That assessment is somewhat accurate, but not entirely true.  From the onset, we have taught pictures are only as beneficial as the ability to capitalize financially on them. Since the first FMI® event in 2009, we have grown from teaching solely about photography issues and ventured into multiple skill sets that can create revenue for attendees.  The production has always been about business.  If you are a fitness, sports, wellness  professional looking to build or increase your business, here are the benefits that await for you at our fall event.


The Benefits to Attending FMI

– 4.5 to 15 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for ISSA Certified Professionals.  (variety based on registration type)


The foundations to build the ONLINE component of your fitness business from conception to completion. 




The Benefits to Attending FMI

– GUARANTEED COVER from the Max Sports & Fitness Cover Model Search (Jan 2013 Issue).  EXCLUSIVELY at FMI 2012.


– Another way of saying it, “Learn how to make money while you sleep.” You can only work with so many clients in a day.


– Understanding how the ability to speak publicly, write, and pose in front of the camera gives you a competitive advantage over your competition.


– Learn the basics of protection and usage rights for photography, video, logos, and literature.


The Benefits to Attending FMI

– The appropriate way to submit to publications and other media outlets or work opportunities.


– Spend time with professionals who HAVE made it.  Network, pick their brain, benefit from their experience.


– Build long-lasting business & personal ties that will help you increase your business & support you in difficult times.


FMI Guild 2012

October 18-20, 2012

Radisson Hotel, Newport Beach

Newport Beach, California


The Benefits to Attending FMI


FMI® is much more than learning how to take pictures.  Understand that the FMI® production simply sees skills from the entertainment world as unique marketing tools for their clients' business.  These skills give you a competitive edge that most of your competitors do not have.

If you're able to be speak, you can go to your local news affiliate and become an authority. Additionally, you can conduct and host interviews with radio or internet shows/podcasts.  If you can write, your blog becomes a powerful business tool.  If you can pose in front of the camera, you have a way to advertise your business for free. This is what FMI® does; provide you a foundation to create business and growth. Whether you're from the entertainment world needing to learn the business end, or a fitness, sports, wellness business needing to learn the skill sets, FMI® has what you're looking for.



About FMI:

There are thousands of athletic individuals training and dreaming of being successful in their endeavors. Unfortunately, the vast majority will have their dreams dashed because they are simply uninformed and misguided as how to start or build their career path. It is our passion, through the FMI® production, to make their dreams a reality.

FMI® Guild is the business training resource for fitness and sports professionals. With focus on education in both traditional and entertainment business concepts, this production is the industry’s resource for the escalation of athletic entrepreneurial careers.  With a growing assembly of the best professionals in the fitness and media industry, FMI® offers multiple educational methods to provide it’s clients the best chance for multiple employment opportunities and business growth.

FMI® is a continuing education provider for the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)


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