What Is Your Goal?

Message from the Director:


What Is Your Goal?

This is the standard question I ask any aspiring model and talent.  When he or she is able to answer this question, an accurate, solid foundation toward that goal can begin to be built.  For talents that have come from the fitness and sports world, or simply a healthy lifestyle, FMI™ Guild production can be an instrumental tool in establishing that, “foundation” for their career.

The “foundation” I am describing is applicable education.  In order to be proficient in anything, in this case, the fitness/sports modeling and talent industry, one must understand and apply its concepts and skills.  From this capability, comes what every talent wants, the opportunity to work.  This is what the FMI production provides.

In laymen’s terms, the FMI production teaches industry concepts, applicable skills, and strategically places talent in front of industry professionals that can assist in or employ talent.  Whether you are a fitness competitor learning to take pictures in order to get published, a multi-talent with a passion in the health and fitness, or something in between, this production offers something for you.

If you are an aspiring talent, I invite you to utilize one of our options for building your career in the fitness/sports/lifestyle world.  Whether it is our FMI Conferences in the Spring and Autumn, our specialized workshops, or Personal Coaching, if you are serious about your career, FMI™ can provide you a foundation to achieve your goal.  My first question to you is, “What is your goal?”


Gary Augustine Warren
Executive Director
FMI Guild

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