Getting Lean and Muscular

Getting Lean and Muscular

This seems to be a topic that most people are concerned with and desiring more information on, but it's really funny to me when they get my answer. Recently I wrote a guidebook for a company I work with that covers everything someone would need to attain a lean/muscular body.

I've talked to a few people who have reviewed it and the comments all seem to be very similar, “I love the book, but isn't the information you give a little basic?”

My response is, “Yes, it is very basic but how much of what I wrote are you currently doing?”

“Not much, I know I need to be doing more” is what I usually hear in return.

So many people are looking for some “revelation” that I've gotten from the fitness gods, or some epiphany I've had regarding the newest way to get lean and big.

Here's the deal, it's not out there. Yes, there are a variety of programs you can try, currently I'm reading The Warrior Diet by Ori Hofmekler and let me tell you, it's pretty extreme.

It all makes great sense when you read it, but I know that most people would never apply his knowledge, I'm not even sure I will. I'm just reading to gain more knowledge.

I'm probably like many of you, as I'm reading I'm thinking to myself, “get to the point, tell me the program!”

I'm not so interested in all of the science and “why's” he does what he does, I just want the bottom line and that is the way I'll typically design a program or nutritional plan for someone.

As you get to know me more and more you'll begin to see that I am a pretty basic guy, I don't get caught up in a bunch of grey areas or arguments over the “best way” to do something.

I pretty much stick to the basics, and mostly because I know most people aren't even doing the basics.

Even for me, I'm leaning down at the moment and I'm doing exactly what I write in my articles

1). I'm drinking more water
2). Eating portionally correct nutritionally balanced meals
3). Eating every 3-4 hours
4). Training hard and consistently
5). Hitting a variety of cardio in my THR
6). Not stressing over what's happening.


And guess what? It's working, I'm getting leaner, I feel great and people are starting to notice. I generally stay in shape 24/7/365 but people are recognizing that something is happening to my physique.

And guess what else? This basic approach is working even though I'm very close to being in top shape already, so imagine what it will do for someone who is really in need of making some physical changes.


The basics work if you work the basics. Don't get all hung up in looking for the next best thing, products, supplement or machine. It doesn't exist, all that you need is housed in your personal desire to apply the knowledge that you already have.

Do yourself a favor, stop looking and start doing!



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