“Proactive, Persistent, and Pleasant”

Being proactive, persistent, and pleasant is what sets working fitness models apart from people who have great physiques and beautiful faces but don’t get jobs in the industry. These three words have been the keys to my success in fitness modeling and television. I’m going to show you how to put the “Three Ps” into practice to increase your odds of success. Here’s a perfect example. I got a phone call from a friend who told me that a certain company was looking for a model for a video project. I was excited, and told my friend that I’d get my photo and resumé in the mail right away. He suggested that I put on a tank top and shorts (something that showed off my physique) and drive two and a half hours to deliver my photo and resumé in person. My immediate thought was, “Wouldn’t it be easier to just mail the stinking things?” After all, it would save me five hours in the car, 20 dollars in gas, and potential embarrassment. He insisted that I should be proactive — and he was right! I called the office of the company in need of the model, told them I’d be in their area for some other business, and asked if I could come in to say hi and deliver my promotional packet. When I got there, I was nervous, anxious, and actually a bit uncomfortable — after all, I didn’t make a habit of running around the town in tight shorts and a tank top! But the payoff was I got to personally meet the production team and they were very impressed not only by my look, but also by my willingness to go above and beyond to

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