Vision Board

A few years ago I made a “vision board.” That is simply a cork-board with photos of things I would like to someday own. I'm sure many of you have done the same thing, place these objects and goals in a visible place to be a steady and constant reminder of what you are striving for in life.

When I posted them I also put a date of the time that I would like to have them by. I look at them daily, read the affirmation that I put along side of them and work hard towards achieving them.

Well, it was a few days ago that I realized that I hadn't accomplished a majority of what I had set out to do and that made m begin to think. Why haven't these things come to me yet? Why don't I own that watch yet? Why am I not making that amount of money yet?

Was I doing something wrong? Was something holding me back from “getting” those things? Why don't I have them? The questions were not in anger or desperation, but more importantly a refreshing revelation that I no longer wanted those things.

I didn't want them because I didn't achieve them, I didn't want them because I had matured beyond the desire to have those things that, in the end, don't amount to a hill of beans.

I've owned beautiful watches, and still do, and seem to be giving them away faster that I have a desire to buy another. I make decent money and I realized that chasing after more isn't truly going to make me happy. I live in a beautiful, comfortable home that is relaxing and open to everyone who enters it.

Having a “vision board” is great and I highly recommend that you create one for yourself. Fill it full of beautiful things you want and are willing to work hard to achieve. As you work hard, both physically and emotionally, you will begin to too new developments in yourself like I did.

You may, or may not, notice that some of those items no longer have the appeal they once used to. The car that you have been admiring for years may not matter so much anymore because maybe you would rather take that additional income and invest into someone else who may need it more than you need a car.

It's such an awesome thing we we are growing emotionally and spiritually. maybe all of those photos and dreams that were placed on that board were strategically placed there to help me understand a much bigger vision.

I'm not going to try to read into that too much, nor am I going to attempt to explain it to you. I just simply want to share something that has really become apparent in my life. I am very content with who I am, what I have and how I live.

Do I strive for more? Of course, but not at the expense of losing focus on what is important and that, to me, is experiencing the joy of Now!

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